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Livestock & Farm

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Whether you’re a farmer by trade or you just have a few animals on your property, taking care of livestock can consume a lot of your time and money. Keeping your cattle, goats, pigs, and other animals healthy and happy is important. Not only do all animals deserve a great life, but you also likely depend on them for food, companionship, and/or even for income. You’ll enjoy unmatched convenience and savings when you shop at Giant Eagle for all your livestock care supplies! Ordering your livestock medicine and health products from our online livestock pharmacy is quick and easy, and you’ll find that our prices beat those you’d find at big box stores, veterinarians’ offices, or other websites. You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes from shopping with a reputable and verified online pharmacy.

We carry all your favorite livestock health care products, including:

  • Livestock Parasite Control - Dewormers play a vital role in every livestock animal’s life. Farm animals are highly susceptible to a variety of worms, which can hinder their quality of life, spread to other members of the herd, and cause additional health problems. Deworming your animals on a regular basis is an excellent way to mitigate these problems, and we carry all the top deworming products you need for complete livestock care.
  • Livestock Pest Control - When you spend as much time outdoors as a livestock animal does, pests are par for the course. We offer all the most effective pest control products to keep irritating and problematic pests at bay.
  • Livestock Gut Health - Animals’ digestive systems can be surprisingly sensitive - particularly during times of illness, dietary changes, weaning, or shipping. Keep your animals’ digestive function in check with our wide selection of gut health products.
  • Livestock Implants - Implants are most often used in feedlot calves, stocker calves, or nursing calves to improve growth efficiency. Our top-rated livestock implants are sure to get the job done effectively.
  • Livestock Supplements - Much like supplements designed for human use, supplements play a beneficial role when it comes to comprehensive livestock care. Whether your animals need electrolytes, vitamin E, iron, or another vitamin or mineral altogether, we have all the best products to support their specific requirements and health conditions.

Livestock FAQ

What Medications Does Livestock Need Regularly?

Veterinarian- and FDA-recommended medications and vaccinations vary from one animal species to the next. Whether you’re caring for a cow, sheep, goat, or pig, your animal needs routine vaccines. For example, cattle should receive several vaccines to keep them healthy and prevent diseases like infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR), bovine viral diarrhea (BVD), and PI3 (a viral infection that affects the respiratory system). It’s vital to check with your veterinarian to determine a schedule for your animal’s required medications and vaccines, because staying on top of their health can protect them against dangerous diseases and keep your whole herd protected as well. Antibiotics are also a common livestock medicine, and they’re prescribed to treat a broad range of infections.

How Often Should Your Livestock Get a Check-Up?

If you don’t already have a good relationship with a veterinarian who visits your animals to keep their health in check, it’s a good idea to find a vet you can rely on for that purpose. Animals who are seen regularly by veterinarians live longer and healthier lives than those who do not. Unlike domestic animals like dogs or cats, farm animals typically don’t necessarily travel to a veterinarian for an annual check-up. However, it’s important that good herd management practices are put in place, and veterinary care plays a key role in preventing harmful diseases from affecting one or many of your animals. Your vet will work alongside you to teach you how to administer most of the livestock medication your animals need, but many veterinarians prefer to see livestock on a monthly basis to be sure there are no developing issues that need to be addressed. The average cow needs healthcare a surprising 20 times per year!

What Are the Best Supplements for Livestock?

Depending on the animal and their purpose (showing, breeding, food slaughter, etc.), supplement recommendations vary widely from one animal to the next. Some may require a high-calorie diet, while others may be iron deficient. Some might struggle with adequate hydration, but others could need calcium supplementation. Paying close attention to the animal’s specific health and assessing their individual needs will give you a clear picture of which supplements will be most beneficial.

How Often Should Livestock Be Dewormed?

Cattle are typically dewormed twice a year, while sheep should be dewormed every 3 to 4 weeks. Goats are normally dewormed during certain parts of the year at a frequency of every 4 to 6 weeks, but pigs only require dewormer on a bi-annual basis. Familiarizing yourself with the animal you’re caring for and that species’ specific needs is a great way to make sure you’re adequately preventing dangerous parasite infections.

How Does Giant Eagle Pharmacy Handle Livestock Prescriptions?

If you have a prescription from your veterinarian, simply add the item(s) to your cart as you would during your usual online shopping process. We’ll ask to enter your veterinarian’s information and some info about your animal(s), then verify the prescription for you. Before you know it, the prescription will be on its way to you! If you’d rather mail the prescription to us, you may do that - or we also accept faxed or emailed prescriptions from veterinarians.