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Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler

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Size: 32 oz

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Product Description
Showsheen gives the horse's coat a lovely, dazzling luster that lasts for a week and protects it from stains and dust.
Who is Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler for?
Why use Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler?
Showsheen improves the strength and length of the coat, detangles the hair, and cuts grooming time by up to 80%. Silk proteins reinforce the mane and tail while pro-vitamins energize the hair. The gentle sandalwood and jasmine aroma is soothing and appealing, leaving your horse smelling clean and fresh.
How does Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler work?
This product delivers pro-vitamins and silk proteins that make the coat healthy, fortified, lush, invigorated, and lustrous.
W F Young
Active Ingredients(s):
Pro-vitamins and silk proteins
How is Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler sold?
ShowSheen is sold in 32 oz spray bottle and 1 gallon bottle.
What are the side effects of Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler?
No known side effects have been reported.
What special precautions are there?
Never allow this product to come into contact with the saddle region of the horse. If you plan to braid the mane and tale, avoid these areas as well.
How can I store Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler?
Store at room temperature. Don't freeze.
1) Start with a clean horse. ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler can be applied to a dry (but clean) coat or a wet horse just after a bath. 2) Spray the coat evenly and directly, or apply onto a towel and massage it over the coat. 3) Use ShowSheen Finishing Mist for a more consistent finish. 4) Using a fine brush, a towel, or your palm, flatten the coat in the natural direction of hair growth. This will provide equal coverage of the coat. 5) Spray evenly over the hair and comb through for a lustrous, flowing mane and tail.