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Fish & Bird Antibiotics

Fish & Bird Antibiotics
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When you bring home a fish, you might not anticipate all the care and troubleshooting that may lie ahead. While fish are incredibly beautiful to look at and relatively easy to care for, they are also prone to a number of diseases that can be difficult to diagnose - especially if you’re a first-time fish owner. Paying close attention to your fish is crucial because the sooner you identify any potential problems, the easier they could be to treat. When you shop for your first aquarium supplies, you’ll want to grab some fish antibiotics to have on hand whenever the need arises.

Antibiotics are one of the best (and only) ways to treat illness in fish. Fish AId and Thomas Labs fish antibiotics are our most popular brands of fish Amoxicillin, Doxycycline, and other popular fish medications. Antibiotics play a pivotal role in keeping your aquarium healthy and thriving. Fish need clean tanks, regular feeding, and ample space to swim and explore. Most popular fish, including betta and goldfish, should be fed once daily. Other types of fish, such as farlowellas or mollies, need to be fed more frequently. Overall, caring for a fish is easy and fun - especially when you know where to shop for all the best medications to keep your aquarium as healthy as possible. You’ll find all the antibiotics and medicine your fish could possibly need right here at Giant Eagle.

Fish Care FAQ

How Can I Tell My Fish Is Sick?

When you own fish, it’s important to take a look in the tank every day to make sure they’re looking healthy and happy. You’ll want to pay close attention to your tank and address any issues as they arise. Common signs of illness include:

Bumpy growths

Fuzzy spots

Tattered tail or fins

Bulging eyes

Red skin or fins

Swollen abdomen

Speckles on skin

Weight loss

Protruding worms

Rapid gill movements

Visible parasites

How Do You Treat a Sick Fish?

If you notice that your fish is looking unwell, take the following steps:

  • Isolate the fish from any others in your aquarium. Certain diseases can spread quickly to the rest of the tank, and you don’t want to risk a widespread problem.
  • Evaluate the problem and choose fish antibiotics that address the problem at hand.
  • Administer fish tank antibiotics and medicated food according to package directions.
  • Treat the fish for the recommended duration, then evaluate. When the fish appears to be recovered, re-introduce it to the aquarium.

How Do I Use Amoxicillin In My Aquarium?

Fish amoxicillin is a very common medication when it comes to treating aquariums. Amoxicillin is a highly effective way to treat many conditions, including dropsy, fin rot, and a variety of bacterial diseases. Fish owners often use this medication to treat entire aquariums when just one fish appears to be suffering from a condition, because these diseases are highly contagious and can quickly affect all the other fish in the tank. You’ll need to administer Amoxicillin according to the package directions. For example, a 250-mg capsule might be used daily to treat a 10-gallon tank. Pay close attention to the instructions on your specific product to determine the correct dosage and frequency.

How Does Giant Eagle Pharmacy Handle Fish Prescriptions?

Shopping at our online pharmacy for fish medication is easy. Simply locate all the items you need and add them to your cart normally. As you make your way through checkout, you’ll come to a step where we’ll ask for your veterinarian’s information and some other details about the prescription. Once you place your order, we’ll reach out to the vet to verify the prescription before we send the prescription straight to your door - it’s as easy as that! If you’d rather mail us the prescription or have your veterinarian send it via fax or email, we are happy to accommodate that method as well.