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Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats Rx

By Revolt
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Product Description
Revolt is a monthly topical parasiticide for cats that requires a prescription. Revolt is used to treat and control intestinal hookworm (Ancylostoma tubaeforme) and roundworm (Toxocara cati) infections; treat and control ear mite (Otodectes cynotis) infestations; prevent Dirofilaria immitis-related heartworm disease; and control and prevent flea infestations (Ctenocephalides felis) in cats.
Who is Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats for?
Kittens and cats of 8 weeks of age and older.
Why use Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats?
Revolt... is made in the United States of America. is a monthly topical treatment that is simple to apply controls American dog tick infestations caused by (Dermacentor variabilis) controls and treats feline intestinal hookworm and roundworm infections prevents heartworm disease controls and treats ear mite infestations prevents flea egg development, destroys flea eggs, and eradicates adult fleas for a full month
How does Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats work?
The active component in Revolt, selamectin, is a macrocyclic lactone molecule. When given to cats and dogs within a month of being exposed to infective (L3) Dirofilaria immitis larvae, these chemicals successfully suppress the formation of adult heartworms.
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats sold?
Sold in 3 month (3 doses) or 6 month (6 doses) depending on your cats weight. Up to 5 lbs for kittens, 5.1-15 lbs or 15.1 - 22 lbs.
What are the side effects of Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats?
The most frequently-reported adverse reactions include: Application site hair loss (without or with inflammation, flaking, and redness) Death (in rare cases) Fever Incoordination (ataxia) Skin redness (erythema) Hives or welts (urticaria) Itching (pruritus) Rapid breathing Salivation Sluggishness (lethargy) Decreased appetite (anorexia) Diarrhea without or with blood Vomiting Application site effects (including powdery residue, hair discoloration, hair clumping, or hair stiffness, which have no effect on the product's efficacy or safety)
What special precautions are there?
Revolt shouldn't be used on animals that are underweight, emaciated, or unwell. Flammable – stay away from open flames, sparks, heat, and other ignition sources. Hands should be washed after each usage, and any product that comes into contact with the skin should be washed off with soap and water as soon as possible. Do not use on skin that has been broken. If the pet's coat is damp, do not apply. Revolt should not be massaged into the skin. Keep out of the reach of animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
Contact the closest emergency animal clinic.
How can I store Revolt (selamectin) Topical for Cats?
Your empty applicator may be disposed of in regular household garbage once it has been used. Keep at a temperature below 86 degrees Fahrenheit.
A minimum dosage of 2.7 mg selamectin for every pound of body weight (6 mg/kg) is advised. 1) Using scissors, cut the applicator out of its outer pouch along the diagonal line to expose the nick before tearing back at the nick. 2) Make sure the applicator is erect. To keep the contents of the applicator within the main body of the applicator, tap the narrow section of the applicator. Twist or snap the tip back. 3) Part the hair on your pet's back at the base of the neck, in front of the shoulder blades, exposing the skin. 4) Directly apply the Revolt applicator's tip to the skin. Squeeze the applicator 3-4 times in one location until it's completely empty. To avoid pulling liquid back into the applicator, keep the applicator squeezed on the final squeeze. 5) Don't let Revolt come into touch with your fingertips.
Main Ingredients
Revolt for Kittens and Puppies under 5 lbs Active Ingredient (per 0.25 ml Tube) Amount Selamectin 15 mg Revolt for Cats 5.1-15 lbs Active Ingredient (per 0.75 ml Tube) Amount Selamectin 45 mg Revolt for Cats 15.1-22 lbs Active Ingredient (per 1.0 ml Tube) Amount Selamectin 60 mg