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Vectra 3D for Dogs

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Product Description
Vectra 3D for Dogs is a spot-on, once-monthly treatment effectively repels fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, flies, and mites. Vectra 3D provides a full month of protection, even after bathing or swimming. It's also quick-acting, reducing flea feeding within 5 minutes of application and killing fleas outright in 2 hours or less. Best of all, the dosage is based on your dog's body weight, so you can be sure they're getting the right amount of protection. Keep your dog happy and healthy with Vectra 3D.
Who is Vectra 3D for Dogs for?
Dogs and puppies must be 8 weeks old or more and at least 5 lbs
Why use Vectra 3D for Dogs?
The Vectra 3D for Dogs offers six ways to protect your dog from pests. It repels and kills mites, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice and biting flies. Vectra 3D also lasts a month and starts killing pests within two hours. Additionally, the product kills all life stages of fleas and is effective in repelling ticks. Vectra 3D is easy to apply topically and continues working even after the dog has been bathed.
How does Vectra 3D for Dogs work?
Vectra 3D uses dinotefuran, pyriproxyfen, and permethrin to repel and kill parasites like mites, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, lice, biting flies, and sand flies.When pests come into contact with the product - for example by biting the dog - they are killed or repelled. Mosquitoes avoid dogs 80% of the time when they detect this product's active ingredients.
Active Ingredients(s):
Dinotefuran 4.95% Pyriproxyfen 0.44% Permethrin 36.08%
How is Vectra 3D for Dogs sold?
3 month or 6 month supplies based on dogs weight: XS Dog 5-10 lbs Gold S Dog 11-20 lbs Teal M Dog 21-55 lbs Blue L Dog 56-95 lbs Purple XL Dog Over 95 lbs Red
What are the side effects of Vectra 3D for Dogs?
The most frequently reported adverse reactions of any pesticide, including this one, are transitory, slight application site redness, erythema, and pruritus. If sensitivity signs occur, bathe the dog with mild soap or shampoo, then use lots of water to rinse. If sensitivity remains unresolved and persistent, consult your veterinarian. Have the product container or label nearby when seeking treatment or advice.
What special precautions are there?
Do not administer to an debilitated, old, medicated, pregnant or lactating animal without speaking to a veterinarian before doing so. You should also wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after giving the medicine and before doing anything else, like eating or using the bathroom. If any of the medicine gets on your clothes, take them off and wash them before you wear them again. This medicine can cause some serious eye injuries, so be careful not to get it in your eyes. If you swallow some of this medicine, or if it gets on your skin, rinse the area well with water. And finally, cats should never be given this medicine because they can't process it properly. If a cat swallows this medicine or if it gets on their skin while they're grooming a dog that's just been treated, it could be very harmful. This product is for external use on dogs only. Keep it away from children and other animals. If it gets in your eyes, hold the eye open and rinse with water for 15 to 20 minutes. If you wear contact lenses, remove them after the first 5 minutes of rinsing and continue rinsing as directed. If you swallow this product, seek medical attention immediately or contact poison control. Do not induce vomiting unless a doctor or poison control center tells you to do so. The person should sip water if they can swallow. Do not give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. If this product comes into contact with your skin, rinse thoroughly with lots of water. In case of skin contact, immediately use copious amounts of water to rinse. If the skin appears to be irritated after thorough rinsing, contact a doctor, or call poison control at 1-800-999-0297. If after 6:00PM EST or before 9:00AM EST, or if over a weekend, call 1-888-426-4435 right away to seek advice regarding treatment.If you are seeking advice or treatment from a doctor or poison control center, make sure you have the label or container nearby.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Vectra 3D for Dogs?
Keep at room temperature. Do not freeze, do not place unused product down drains. Don't reuse container.
Helpful Tips:
Vectra 3D is a good choice for controlling parasites. Adult fleas are only part of the problem. If you only treat adult fleas, your dog will be 95% more likely to have a parasite problem.
This product should only be used on dogs. Never apply this product to a cat or any other animal. Application Directions: Remove the applicator from the packaging. Ensure that the dog is in a comfortable position or standing up for easier application. Hold the applicator tube in an upright position. Place the index finger and thumb around the tip of the applicator, just beneath the large disk. Use other hand to grasp the applicator tip stem, just above the small disk. Firmly press down on the smaller disk until the disks come together. This pierces the seal. Part the animal's hair with the tip of the applicator, then start applying product onto skin. Form a continuous line, starting at the base of the tail and continuing along the middle of the pet's back until you reach the shoulder blade. Continue to squeeze the tube until it is completely empty. Never get this product into the dog's mouth or eyes. Do not superficially apply to the hair. Properly dispose of the empty tube (follow Storage and Disposal instructions). repeat once monthly, or as otherwise directed by a veterinarian. Never re-apply sooner than every 30 days. To obtain optimal parasite prevention, control, and treatment, it is recommended to treat your pet all year long.