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Premium Skin Staple Remover

By Covidien
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Product Description
Premium Skin Staple Remover is designed to rapidly and efficiently remove surgical staples. This gadget is simple to operate and was created with the convenience of the user at top of mind. It's sealed in a sterile container.
Who is Premium Skin Staple Remover for?
Horses, cattles, swines, sheeps, cats, dogs.
Why use Premium Skin Staple Remover?
This handy remover is straightforward to use and convenient, and it comes in a sterile container.
How does Premium Skin Staple Remover work?
This stapler is simple to operate: simply place the lower jaw under the staple and exert controlled force on the handle to dislodge it. The tool is returned to a ready-to-use, open position by the spring mechanism.
How is Premium Skin Staple Remover sold?
Individually wrapped staple remover
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from children.
As you push the handle, the lower jaw of this staple remover glides beneath the staple, unbending it. It's straightforward and simple to use, and it comes in a sterile, individually wrapped packet.