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Appose Single Use Skin Stapler

By Covidien
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Product Description
The Appose Single Use Skin Stapler works by depositing one staple with every trigger activation. As the staple exits the instrument, it penetrates the skin and forms together, holding tissue in place effectively. Plus, it comes with 35 staples, so you can use it multiple times.
Who is Appose Single Use Skin Stapler for?
Cats, dogs, horses, sheep, and swine
Why use Appose Single Use Skin Stapler?
The Appose Single Use Skin Stapler is an easy-to-use tool containing a clear cartridge. This makes it easy to see the staples. You can fire it from several different angles. It has two different height options for staples.
How does Appose Single Use Skin Stapler work?
This stapler can be used in different ways. The ejecting spring disengages the staple automatically, so it can be removed from any angle.
How is Appose Single Use Skin Stapler sold?
Regular or wide single use stapler with 35 staples
What special precautions are there?
Keep product away from children.
Helpful Tips:
The staples have a flat and dimpled top so they can be formed properly.
For proper use of the skin stapler, completely squeeze the trigger. Then release. Never life or pull the stapler up during trigger release. Incomplete squeezing of the handle can cause insufficient approximation of the wound and/or incomplete formation of the staple.