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Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for Dogs and Cats

By Pet Wellbeing
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Product Description
Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart is a liquid supplement that supports heart health in dogs and cats. The formula contains eight herbs that work together to support the heart muscle, heart valves, and blood vessels. The supplement is safe for use in pets of all sizes and ages. Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart is a simple and effective way to keep your pet's heart healthy and functioning properly.
Who is Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for Dogs and Cats for?
Cats and Dogs
Why use Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for Dogs and Cats?
Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart helps to improve the circulation and blood pressure in pets with cardiovascular dysfunction. It also helps to maintain a healthy heart rhythm.
How does Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for Dogs and Cats work?
Young at Heart supports the health of your pet's entire cardiovascular system. The eight carefully blended herbs work together to help you maintain proper blood pressure, circulation, and heart health.
Pet Wellbeing
How is Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for Dogs and Cats sold?
Sold in 2 oz or 4 oz bottles.
What special precautions are there?
This medication has not been proven safe to use in pregnant animals or animals intended for breeding. If the condition worsens or does not improve, stop using the medication and contact your vet. Do not use this medication with blood pressure medicine, cardiac drugs, cardiac glycosides, or blood thinners. It is recommended that your pet be examined by a vet prior to using this medication. This medication should not be used in humans. Keep this medication out of reach of children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Pet Wellbeing Young at Heart for Dogs and Cats?
Keep at room temperature.
Administer orally twice daily. Give pet 1 drop for each 1 lb. of body weight.
Main Ingredients
Young at Heart is Formulated With: Mayblossom berry, buds and leaf: This herb is part of a variety of thorny shrub species from the Rose family. Traditionally, the berries have been used but there is mounting evidence to show that the flower buds and leaves contain high levels of useful constituents as well. Mayblossom is high in antioxidants (flavonoids) including OPCs, similar to the powerful flavonoids found in grapes that fight free radical damage. Mayblossom is used for the overall function and vitality of the entire cardiovascular system. It is used extensively in herbal medicine to support the heart muscle, heart rhythm, arterial system and coronary arteries, blood pressure and general circulation. Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca): Motherworts action is twofold. Although it is considered an herb for supporting heart function, it also has been used for restlessness and agitation. This herbs actions are to support normal blood pressure, the hearts electrical impulses and help to maintain healthy circulation. Nettle herb (Urtica dioica): Nettle supports the body's ability to excrete fluid through the kidneys. It is also high in minerals that are needed by the cardiovascular system, including calcium and potassium. Fo-ti root (Polygonum multiflorum): Primarily used in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fo-ti root has a long folkloric past as an herb for youthfulness and vigor. Today, we also know this plant for its useful application in supporting heart function. Traditional claims of this herb are that it "nourishes" the heart, possibly due to its ability to support the blood vessels that carry blood into and away from the heart and maintain healthy lipid levels in the blood. Schisandra fruit (Schisandra chinesis): Extensively used in eastern countries, the berries of the woody Schisandra plant are known to be supportive to many parts of the body. High in antioxidants, these berries support strong immunity, the liver, stress reduction, cognitive function and the cardiovascular system. Schisandra helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Gotu kola herb (Centella asiatica): This is an herb with considerable use in both Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. In the latter discipline, the name Brahmi was given to this herb, meaning "of divine origin". Gotu kola is known for its ability to help support the venous system and blood flow to extremities. Do not confuse this herb with Kola nut (Cola nitida or C. acuminata), an herb that contains caffeine. Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis): Ginger is used in very small quantities in this formula to help promote circulation. ...375mg / 20 drops (1ml) Herbs are certified organic or ethically wild-harvested Inactive ingredients: Deionized water Natural bacon flavor Vegetable glycerin