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Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs

By Pet Wellbeing
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Product Description
As our furry friends get older, their kidneys can start to fail. That's why Pet Wellbeing created Kidney Support Gold for Dogs and Cats. This carefully crafted formula contains natural herbs and extracts that support kidney health in aging pets. By helping your pet maintain normal kidney function, Kidney Support Gold extends their life and vitality. So give your pet the gift of good health - try Kidney Support Gold today!
Who is Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs for?
Why use Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs?
Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs and Cats helps to maintain normal levels of blood urea and creatinine, helps kidneys filter blood, maintains normal protein in urine, and supports overall immune system health.
How does Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs work?
Kidney Support Gold is made with extracts that have been shown to be beneficial for feline and canine kidney health.
Pet Wellbeing
How is Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs sold?
2 oz or 4 oz bottle.
What special precautions are there?
There is no proof that this product is safe in pregnant animals or animals that are going to be bred. If the condition gets worse, stop using the product and talk to your vet. Have your vet examine your pet before you start using this product. Do not use this product if the animal is taking blood thinners. Do not use this product if the animal has diarrhea.
What to do if overdose?
Contact the closest emergency animal clinic.
How can I store Pet Wellbeing Kidney Support Gold for Dogs?
Keep at room temperature.
Administer Kidney Support Gold Administer based on weight. Give 1 drop for every 2 lbs. of body weight up to 50 lbs. For pets over 50 lbs., add 1 drop per additional 4 lbs. You can safely double the dose, if needed.
Main Ingredients
Kidney Support Gold is Formulated With: Rehmannia root (Rehmannia glutinosa): This steamed root is a vital herb used widely in the traditional Chinese herbal repertory and contains vitamins C, A and some B vitamins. It is best known for its "tonic" properties to fortify the blood, increase vitality and support capillary integrity. Called Dihuang, this herb is used to "replenish the kidneys", support normal urination and build the body's normal energy levels following illness. Cordyceps mycelium (Cordyceps militaris): Considered a "medicinal mushroom" (or "ascocarp"), this potent ingredient originated in Tibet and is used as a tonic for energy, vigor, normal immune function as well as normal kidney and liver function. It is said to help support normal metabolic processes and all body systems. As well as having antioxidant properties, it also contains amino acids, some B vitamins, minerals, sterols and enzymes. Astragalus root (Astragalus membranaceous): One of the best known "adaptogens", Astragalus is a replenishing herb for normal recovery from illness. It protects against free radicals and is widely used for immune health. Studies using Astragalus in combination with Dong Quai root show that these herbs may have an effect on the kidneys to normalize gene expression and help maintain normal, stabilized kidney function. Dong Quai root (Angelica sinesis): An herb of Eastern Asia, this root is used widely in China for health and as a food. One of its uses is to help carry oxygen to tissues and support normal blood flow. Considered a daily tonic, it has been studied in conjunction with using Astragalus for the kidneys. [Its use to help balance normal hormone levels in the body has led to a misconception that it contains estrogens.] ...400 mg / ml (20 drops/ml) Herbs are certified organic or selectively imported. Inactive Ingredients: Deionized water Natural bacon flavor Vegetable glycerin