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Nuflor, 300 mg/ml Rx

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Product Description
Nuflor Florfenicol is a broad-spectrum, synthetic antibiotic formula that works against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. It's largely bacteriostatic, meaning it blocks bacterial protein production and binds to the 50S ribosomal subunit.
Who is Nuflor, 300 mg/ml for?
Why use Nuflor, 300 mg/ml?
Nuflor is an antibiotic that is used to treat foot rot. It is a long-lasting, fast-acting, and one-of-a-kind antibiotic. It also efficiently cures and manages respiratory illness in cattle that are BRD-prone (bovine respiratory disease).
How does Nuflor, 300 mg/ml work?
Nuflor destroys two of the most common bacteria that cause bovine respiratory disease: Histophilus somni and Mannheimia haemolytica. It starts destroying microorganisms in 30 minutes and kills 99 percent of bacteria in less than 24 hours. It kills for a total of 68 hours and inhibits bacteria for a total of 96 hours. Pasteurella multocida, the third most prevalent cause of BRD, is likewise inhibited by it.
Merck Animal Health.
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Nuflor, 300 mg/ml sold?
100 ml, 300 mg/ml 250 ml, 300 mg/ml 500 ml, 300 mg/ml
What are the side effects of Nuflor, 300 mg/ml?
Potential side effects include: Swelling at the Injection Site Decreased Water Consumption Diarrhea Short-Term Inappetence Collapse Anaphylaxis
What special precautions are there?
Veal calves should not be given this medication. There is no known withdrawal time for usage in pre-ruminating calves. Never administer to a female dairy cow above the age of 20 months, since milk residues may result. Never butcher animals for food less than 44 days after it has received the final treatment. Subcutaneous injection of this medicine might elicit short-term injection site responses, which can result in reduced loss of edible tissue after slaughter. Toxicity tests in mice, rats, and dogs treated with this drug revealed testicular shrinkage and degeneration. There is no evidence of safety or effects on breastfeeding, pregnant, or reproducing cattle. Do not give this medication to a breeding animal.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Nuflor, 300 mg/ml?
Do not allow the product to get frozen. Temperatures should be kept between 36° and 86° Fahrenheit (2° and 30° Celsius).
Helpful Tips:
Nuflor reduces the number of re-treatments and re-pulls required. It's a simple-to-use product that doesn't require any reformulation or mixing. It can be used in automated injection machines, if you so choose.
To Administer Subcutaneously: 100-Lb Cattle: 6 mL 200-Lb Cattle: 12 mL 300-Lb Cattle: 18 mL 400-Lb Cattle: 24 mL 500-Lb Cattle: 30 mL 600-Lb Cattle: 36 mL 700-Lb Cattle: 42 mL 800-Lb Cattle: 48 mL 900-Lb Cattle: 54 mL 1000-Lb Cattle: 60 mL To Administer Intramuscularly: 100-Lb Cattle: 3 mL 200-Lb Cattle: 6 mL 300-Lb Cattle: 9 mL 400-Lb Cattle: 12 mL 500-Lb Cattle: 15 mL 600-Lb Cattle: 18 mL 700-Lb Cattle: 21 mL 800-Lb Cattle: 24 mL 900-Lb Cattle: 27 mL 1000-Lb Cattle: 30 mL
Main Ingredients