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HomeoPet Skin & Itch

By HomeoPet
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Product Description
Pets may get relief from airborne pollutants and allergies with HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief. Scratching and skin irritation can occur as a result of such environmental factors. This homeopathic remedy treats a variety of skin irritants.
Who is HomeoPet Skin & Itch for?
Dogs, cats, kittens and puppies.
Why use HomeoPet Skin & Itch?
Allergies and itching can be relieved naturally with HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief.
How does HomeoPet Skin & Itch work?
HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief is made entirely of natural ingredients. It supports healthy coats and skin, as well as relieving seasonal allergies in your pet. It treats allergy symptoms including, hair loss, biting, itching, and scratching, while also restoring a lustrous, thick coat. This effective and safe product is perfect for pets of any condition or age, as it contains no harsh chemicals and has no known side effects (including nursing or pregnant animals). It detoxifies the skin from the inside out, giving natural antihistamine properties in an easy-to-dose liquid formula.
HomeoPet, LLC
Active Ingredients(s):
Pulex I. Rhus Tox. Staphy. Sulphur Urtica Graphites 6 & 30 C in 20% USP alc. In purified water.
How is HomeoPet Skin & Itch sold?
15 ml bottle
What are the side effects of HomeoPet Skin & Itch?
There are no currently known side effects from this product.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store HomeoPet Skin & Itch?
Keep stored in a cool and dry environment. Keep away from direct sunlight.
Consult a veterinarian if the situation does not improve. Repeat the treatment if the disease worsens. Reduce the quantity of drops given as the situation improves. Place in the animal's food, in his or her water, or directly into the mouth. Apply in the morning, evening, and before night. Give 15 drops to pets over 100 pounds. Give 10 drops to pets 20 to 100 pounds. Give 5 drops to pets under 20 pounds.