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Catron IV

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Product Description
Horn flies, house flies, face flies, deer flies, horse flies, stable flies, gnats, maggots, mosquitoes, and ear ticks are all attracted to Catron IV.
Who is Catron IV for?
Horses and livestock
Why use Catron IV?
Catron IV is an insecticide with a blue color. The visible color makes it easier to see which areas are covered with the treatment.
How does Catron IV work?
Catron IV repels and kills these pests on wound areas: Horn Flies House Flies Face Flies Deer Flies Horse Flies Stable Flies Gnats Screwworms Fleece Worms Blood-Sucking Lice Poultry Lice Fly Maggots Mosquitoes Ear Ticks
Boehringer Ingelheim
Active Ingredients(s):
Permethrin 0.50%, Other ingredients 99.50%
How is Catron IV sold?
10 oz
What are the side effects of Catron IV?
No known side effects have been reported.
What special precautions are there?
This product is dangerous when inhaled, absorbed into the skin, or swallowed. Never store or use near open flame or heat. Carefully review and follow the product label directions.
What to do if overdose?
If a negative action occurs, contact your closest veternarian or animal hospital.
How can I store Catron IV?
Store at room temperature. Don't freeze.
Helpful Tips:
Do not use or store near open flames. Read label and follow label prior to use.
To kill and control screwworms, fleece worms, wool maggots, and blow fly maggots in and around superficial wounds, spray the wound well, allowing the product to penetrate any maggot-penetrated areas. Also spray any wound discharge for reinfestation prevention. Treat every 5-7 days until healing occurs. To keep flies off of bacterial wound infections, treat or prevent using supplemental disinfectants and antibiotics. To protect castration wound, dehorning wounds, docking wounds, branding wounds, wire cut wounds, or shear cut wounds, spray the wound(s) and surrounding area(s) directly. Treat the navels of newborn animals and all areas of drainage around the wound to prevent reinfestation. Treat every 5-7 days until healing occurs. To kill spinose ear ticks, directly spray in a downward motion onto the ear. Re-treat as necessary. To eliminate gulf coast ear ticks, spray ticks directly around the ear's outer surfaces. Re-treat as necessary. To protect beef cattle, dairy cattle, goats, sheep, hogs, and horses from stable flies, horse flies, deer flies, face flies, house flies, horn flies, mosquitoes, and gnats, spray both sides for about 3 seconds. Be sure to spray the back, withers, and forelegs thoroughly. For face fly protection, spray the face and head, keeping the product away from the eyes. Repeat when flies become problematic. For control of blood-sucking lice, use a stiff brush to apply to any infested regions. Allow the spray to reach the hair base. Repeat as necessary at 3-week intervals. For control of poultry lice, spray roosts, walls, nests, and cages thoroughly. Then, use a fine mist to spray over birds.
Main Ingredients
Permethrin 0.50%, Other ingredients 99.50%