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Vetrap Bandages

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Product Description
Vetrap is a flexible, elastic bandaging tape that comes in nine different colors. Since wrapping the product too tightly might create circulation problems, it is administered at a 50 percent stretch. It's best to apply the final wrap with little strain, pushing it firmly into place. Vetrap should be removed and reapplied every day.
Who is Vetrap Bandages for?
Dogs, cats and horses.
Why use Vetrap Bandages?
Vetrap is a soft, comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-resistant product. It just adheres to itself, not your pet's fur. It has a design that makes dressing difficult-to-reach regions easier, and it doesn't require pins or clips.
How does Vetrap Bandages work?
Vetrap's bonding layers adhere to one another, making application quick and simple. It is breathable, allowing for optimal wound healing and ventilation.
How is Vetrap Bandages sold?
Sold in 10 different colors. Each wrap is 4 inches wide x 5 yards long
What special precautions are there?
Remove the wrap daily and re-wrap. Circulation can be impaired if the Vetrap is secured too tightly. On the last wrap, press firmly into place and do not use any tension.
Helpful Tips:
This product protects wounds, incisions, and a variety of other conditions.
All dosages should be prescribed by your veterinarian.