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Advantage Multi for Cats Rx

By Advantage
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Product Description
Advantage Multi for Cats is a topical treatment used once a month to manage and treat intestinal parasites, including roundworms and hookworms. It also works to manage and cure ear mites, as well as to treat existing flea infestations, kill adult fleas, and prevent heartworm disease.
Who is Advantage Multi for Cats for?
Cats and kittens must be 9 weeks old or more and weigh a minimum of 2lbs
Why use Advantage Multi for Cats?
Control and treat ear mites, treat FAD (flea allergy dermatitis), control and treat hookworms and roundworms, control and treat flea infestations, and prevent heartworm disease with Advantage Multi for Cats.
How does Advantage Multi for Cats work?
Moxidectin and imidacloprid are topical endectocide and insecticide components in Advantage Multi for Cats. Roundworms, hookworms, heartworms, and fleas are all treated and controlled for a month with these ingredients. Ear mite infestations may also benefit from this treatment.
Active Ingredients(s):
imidacloprid + Moxidectin
How is Advantage Multi for Cats sold?
Available in 1, 3 or 6 month for cats 2-5 lbs. Available in 1, 3, 6, or 12 month supplies for cats 5.1 - 18 lbs.
What are the side effects of Advantage Multi for Cats?
Potential side effects include: Coughing Increased water consumption Increased salivation for an hour post-treatment Application site discomfort (and related scratching, rubbing, etc) Pacing Hiding Excessive grooming Agitation Prolonged periods of sleeping Lethargy When administered orally or if the cat licks the site of application, side effects could include: Decreased appetite Vomiting Tremors Increased salivation
What special precautions are there?
Not for oral use. Never use on irritated skin. On some cats, matted, stiff hair or an oily, damp look of the hair might be seen at the treatment site. This is just transient and has no bearing on the product's efficacy or safety. Allow 30 minutes before allowing the cat to lick the application site or getting this substance in the cat's eyes or mouth. Grooming will reduce the chance of swallowing by treating the base of the skull. Keep pets apart in houses with many pets to avoid licking the application site.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Advantage Multi for Cats?
Store at a temperature between 39° and 77° Fahrenheit (4° and 25° Celsius). Keep in a cool and dry location.
Helpful Tips:
Make sure to watch your cat for 30 minutes after you put this product on them. This will make sure that they do not lick the product off and eat it. You should also keep them separate from other animals in your house so that they don't accidentally eat any of the product.
1) Remove a tube from its package, administering as directed (based on body weight). If your cat weighs over 18 pounds, use a combination of tubes to treat their exact body weight. Dosing recommendations are 0.45 mg per pound of moxidectin and 4.5 mg per pound of imidacloprid administered topically once monthly. 2) Position the tube upright and remove the tube cap. 3) Flip the cap and press the other end onto the tube tip. 4) Break the seal by twisting the cap, then take the cap off of the tube. 5) Part the hair at the base of the head on the neck, gaining skin visibility. Put the tube tip against the skin, then apply the full contents onto the skin. Maintain pressure on the tube as you lift it off of the skin, then release pressure when you've removed the tube.
Main Ingredients
Advantage Multi for Cats (10% imidacloprid + 1% moxidectin) is a colorless to yellow ready-to-use solution packaged in single-dose applicator tubes for topical treatment of cats. Imidacloprid is a chloronicotinyl nitroguanidine insecticide. The chemical name of imidacloprid is 1-[(6-Chloro-3-pyridinyl)methyl]-N-nitro-2-imidazolidinimine. Moxidectin is a semisynthetic macrocyclic lactone endectocide derived from the actinomyceteStreptomycetes cyaneogriseus noncyanogenus. The chemical name of moxidectin is [6R, 23E, 25S(E)]-5-O- Demethyl-28-deoxy-25-(1,3-dimethyl-1-butenyl)-6,28-epoxy-23-(methoxyimino) milbemycin B.