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Vettec Super Fast Adhesive, 210 cc

By Vettec
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Product Description
Horse hooves may be repaired in a couple of minutes with Super Fast Adhesive. This solution comprises non-toxic urethane ingredients that aid in the formation of a naturally robust hoof wall. (Dispensing Gun not included.)
Who is Vettec Super Fast Adhesive, 210 cc for?
Why use Vettec Super Fast Adhesive, 210 cc?
Super Fast Adhesive prevents further hoof damage while generating a customized show that adheres to the hoof wall organically. When applied, nippers and rasps may be utilized much like a natural hoof. It is also non-toxic and adheres in minutes.
How does Vettec Super Fast Adhesive, 210 cc work?
This treatment will fill in any holes in the hoof and heal any damaged areas. The glue may be trimmed and rasped like a real hoof once it has dried. A personalized shoe is constructed and equilibrium is restored within minutes after application.
Vettec Hoof Care
How is Vettec Super Fast Adhesive, 210 cc sold?
210 cc. Requires dispensing gun and mixing tips. (Dispensing Gun sold separately #52117).
What special precautions are there?
Allow the area to heal prior to use. Never cover an infected or injured area. This product is known to bond to the shoe. Approved for use under or over the shoe. Before use, use denatured alcohol to scrub. Hooves treated with pine tar, oil, or grease may cause the adhesive to resist sticking. Keep away from children.
How can I store Vettec Super Fast Adhesive, 210 cc?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
This technique should be carried out on a clean, level surface. Disposable gloves are strongly advised.
Because of the product's quick set time, every new layer will require a new tip. Before you start planning, have the suggestions handy. Please read the directions for workhorses and horses with fragile walls. Always put on latex or rubber gloves before using. To begin, cut the tip of the cartridge. Place it in the dispensing pistol once it's been clipped. Make sure the label is pointing upward. Squeeze the cartridge again until a little amount of liquid comes out on both sides. This will guarantee that the product is evenly distributed. Attach the mixer tip when you're ready. This will readily twist in the opposite direction. Do not pull the lever at the back of the dispenser after it is turned on, and immediately replace the cap. The lever can be pulled once the cap is on to release the pressure. Before any more applications, the cartridge must be re-equalized and get a new tip. Trim the hoof as normal before proceeding. Remove any build-up or white lines. It's now time to put the product to use. First, make sure the hoof is completely dry. Heat the sole for 30 to 45 seconds with a heat gun held 6 inches away. This procedure must be done carefully to avoid overheating the hoof. The adhesive bond requires this precise procedure. Take a heel hoof with the sole facing up after it has dried. Dispense the glue in one continuous bead to make a shoe. Hold it in this position for 3 minutes, or until the product starts to dry. Rep this procedure on each foot. Rasp and trim as usual after application. As required, add grooves. Make certain that the function and balance are excellent. Perfect heel angles may be achieved via layering. Never apply to the hoof wall of foals less than 30 days old. Never put your heels together. This can obstruct hoof development. When you're ready, apply the same way you normally would, but with a 14-inch layer. As required, add layers, rasp, and trim. If you use this product below 65 degrees, the cure time will be 4 to 5 minutes instead of 1. Do not warm this product in water or microwave it at these temperatures. Instead, the product should be stored in a heated, enclosed box with heating pads. Microwaveable heating pads are included in the box. Warm the shoe before putting it on if the weather is below freezing. Condensation will be prevented from interfering with the binding. When the temperature exceeds 85 degrees, the fixed time will be extended. A cooler can be used to assist keep the goods cooled. If you don't use a cooler to chill the product, be warned that the temperature may be higher than expected, causing irritation to sensitive tissue. Use the product in layers in this situation. Only use Vettec mixing tips when using this substance to burn a shoe on. This product can be worn on top of or underneath a shoe at the time of application. It will naturally adhere to the shoe. Cover the shoe with petroleum jelly to prevent this from happening. Avoid getting any on the hoof. If the product is having problems adhering to hooves that have been previously coated with oil, grease, or pine tar, wipe the area lightly with denatured alcohol before applying it. If the hoof is oily, use alcohol instead of acetone. Never use this product to cover open wounds or sores. This product should be used according to a veterinarian's instructions and between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature will determine the set time.