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Urine-off for Cats & Kittens

By Urine-off
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Product Description
Urine Off for Cats and Kittens eliminates urine odor permanently at the root of the problem. It cleans urine odors and stains from soft and hard surfaces, and it works just as well on new odors and stains as it does on old ones!
Who is Urine-off for Cats & Kittens for?
Cats and kittens.
Why use Urine-off for Cats & Kittens?
Urine Off for Cats and Kittens eliminates old and new urine odors and stains from fabric, tile, concrete, carpet, hardwood, and other surfaces with ease.
How does Urine-off for Cats & Kittens work?
Urine Off for Cats and Kittens works by breaking down the high protein diets that have been shown to cause objectionable, powerful urine odors in cats. It efficiently destroys the compounds in urine, removing smells and stains altogether.
Bio-Pro Research
How is Urine-off for Cats & Kittens sold?
500ml or 1 gallon
What special precautions are there?
If any other chemical or product has been used to remove the stain, properly rinse it to eliminate all remnants of it and allow it to dry completely before applying Urine Off. Other cleansers and chemicals should not be used with this product since they will reduce its effectiveness. Always start with Urine Off. This product should not be used directly on cat litter. The desired outcomes will not be realized. Replace the litter with new litter if it has a foul pee odor. Urine Off, on the other hand, is an excellent solution for the litter box pan. This product is gentle and suitable for use on most water-safe surfaces. Prior to use, a colorfastness test should be performed in an inconspicuous place.
How can I store Urine-off for Cats & Kittens?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
Urine Offis the top product recommended by vets in the USA to remove urine odors and stains. It is recommended and adored by veterinarians all over the world.
If another chemical was previously used, rinse several times to eliminate all traces, then dry fully before applying Urine-Off. Combine Urine-Off with no other chemical or cleaning. Urine-Off efficacy is harmed by other products. Always start with this product. When used directly on litter, this product is ineffective. Simply replace the litter if it smells like pee. Urine-Off is safe to use in the litter box. Colorfastness should be tested in an inconspicuous region before full application. This product is safe and gentle around humans and pets, but it is not designed to be administered topically. This product should not be sprayed on people or pets. A material's absorbency determines how much product is required to treat it. More than one treatment may be necessary in situations of very old deposits, heavy deposits, or previous usage of other stain and odor removal solutions. Allow adequate time for bio-enzymes to break down the urine crystals by keeping the product moist and in touch with urine deposits. Different surfaces will necessitate different approaches. This solution eliminates smells and stains from soft and hard surfaces, whether they are new or old. This product completely eliminates the smell of urine on contact. It also helps on stains! Urine-Offmust come into touch with the entire amount of urine. Complete saturation is required for absorbent surfaces including beds, furniture, and carpet. This product is simple and safe to use. Simply spray the area completely and let it dry.