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Total Calm and Focus

By Ramard
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Product Description
For tense horses, Total Calm & Focus is a stress reducer. It facilitates safer training and riding by calming anxiety and increasing horse focus.
Who is Total Calm and Focus for?
Why use Total Calm and Focus?
Total Calm & Focus helps horses relax and focus while also supporting their endurance and awareness. It is a natural product that lowers digestive colic while being non-sedative and free of harmful ingredients.
How does Total Calm and Focus work?
Ramisol is a natural substance that has been utilized on horses competing in World Equestrian Games, National and World Championships, and Olympic Games. Ramisol is renowned for its capacity to reduce and balance the stress hormone cortisol, which is generated during high stimulation periods, high mental strain, and high anxiety. When Ramisol is introduced into a horse's system, cortisol production is reduced, stress is reduced, and attention is improved. This product also contains magnesium and a B-vitamin combination, which are both helpful to soothe nerve systems in anxious or energetic horses.
Ramard, Inc.
Active Ingredients(s):
Thiamine Magnesium Folic Acid
How is Total Calm and Focus sold?
30cc Paste 30 Day Supply 180 Day Supply
What special precautions are there?
Not for use in horses intended for food slaughter. In case of overdose, pursue emergency treatment. Overdose may occur accidentally. Withdraw treatment if the condition fails to improve. Only for equine use. Never use on a ruminant horse. This would be a federal law violation. Keep away from children.
How can I store Total Calm and Focus?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
This product helps provide relaxing rides and to make training more productive.
Consult your veterinarian prior to use. Administer 0.6 ounce (1 scoop) daily. For a week prior to an event, administer 2 scoops daily.
Main Ingredients
For use in all ages of Horses and Ponies Active Ingredients per Scoop ( 0.6 oz ): Thiamine B 1 2000 MG Magnesium 1600 MG Folic Acid 1000 MCG Vitamin B 12 1000 MCG Pyridoxine B 6 500 MG Riboflavin B 2 500 MG Ramisol (tm) 500 MG Panthotenic Acid 250 MG Niacin B 3 150 MG Inactive Ingredients: Silica