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SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds

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Product Description
SYNOVEX C Implants are intended to improve feed efficiency, boost weight gain, and stimulate growth in suckling cattle calves weighing less than 400 pounds. Each dose contains the growth hormones testosterone propionate 100mg) and estradiol benzoate (10mg).
Who is SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds for?
Cattle (beef only)
Why use SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds?
These implants help steers and heifers gain weight and improve the efficiency of their feed. This product is simple and safe to use because there is no withholding period prior to slaughter.
How does SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds work?
These testosterone propionate and estradiol benzoate implants contain two effective steroids. Steroids like these are good for promoting weight gain in steers and gain efficiency during feeding intervals.
Active Ingredients(s):
100 mg progesterone and 10 mg estradiol benzoate.
How is SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds sold?
10 x 10 Cartridges 100 Doses . Each dosage consists of 4 pellets containing 100 mg progesterone and 10 mg estradiol benzoate per implantation.
What are the side effects of SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds?
Potential side effects include: Bulling in calves Rectal prolapse Vaginal prolapse Udder development Ventral edema Elevated tailheads
What special precautions are there?
A veal calf should never be given this medication. For usage in pre-ruminating calves, no withdrawal time has been established. These pellets should only be used in the ears. Any other usage is against the law in the United States. In humans, never use. Only for the use of animals. Keep out of children's reach.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store SYNOVEX C Implants 100 ds?
Store between 15° and 30°C (59° and 86°F) at room temperature. Excessive humidity or heat should be avoided.
At each implanting, subcutaneously implant the entire contents of a single cartridge cell for each calf in the center one-third of the ear. The package insert contains a detailed description of the approved insertion procedure. Synovex C is intended for usage in suckling beef calves weighing up to 400 pounds. When utilized as part of a re-implant program where the initial Synovex C implant is followed by Synovex S at approximately 70 days, Synovex C can enhance the rate of weight growth in steers fed in confinement prior to slaughter and weighing more than 400 pounds.
Main Ingredients
100 mg progesterone and 10 mg estradiol