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Product Description
Succeed is a natural supplement containing specific ingredients to promote complete health of the digestive tract and counteract stress caused by the normal conditions of a performance horse. With Succeed, you can trust that your horse will be able to perform at their best.
Who is Succeed for?
Performance horses.
Why use Succeed?
Succeed is a great choice for daily support of a healthy, effective digestive tract. It is an ideal option for performance horses, and it helps protect the digestive tract during stressful times. It also promotes greater energy and stamina with optimal nutrient absorption.
How does Succeed work?
Succeed works by addressing hidden causes of digestive imbalance. It is natural, complete, and effective. Polar lipids help transport nutrients to the animal's bloodstream. This supports a healthy gut lining. Amino acids are protein building blocks, which support a healthy mucous lining in the digestive tract. Yeast extract is a source of nucleic acid, which normalizes the renewal of tissue in the gut. Soluble oat fiber supports the immune system and levels out nutrient absorption and digestive speed, allowing for reliable energy sources and ideal blood sugar levels.
Freedom Health
Active Ingredients(s):
Oat Flour Oat Oil Yeast Extracts L-Threonine L-Glutamine Guar Gum.
What special precautions are there?
This product is made from natural ingredients and should not have any interactions with other supplements or medications. However, you should not take this product if you are also taking a supplement or medication that increases the pH of your stomach.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Succeed?
Keep at room temperature between 68-77° F
Helpful Tips:
Sometimes, problems with digestion can be diagnosed as a training, behavior, or ability problem. To get the most benefits, wait 90 days.
Feed as a top dress of 1 scoop twice daily for the initial week of administration. Thereafter, administer once daily. This product is meant as a program for digestive conditioning. Maximum results can take as long as 90 days to be seen. The horse must stay on the program constantly (even after this 90 days) to maintain the benefits of Succeed. This product is only to be fed supplementally and should never replace the normal feed of the horse. Leave the lid on the bucket after use. Never allow the product to be exposed to the air for over 30 minutes. This can reduce the appeal of the product to horses.
Main Ingredients
Ingredients: Oat Flour Oat Oil Yeast Extracts L-Threonine L-Glutamine Guar Gum. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min): 12.08% L-Threonine (min): 1.80% L-Glutamine (min): 1.44% Calcium (min): 0.03% Calcium (max): .0.05% Crude Fat (min): 28.96% Crude Fiber (max): 1.79%