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Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm Rx

By Ascend Laboratories
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Product Description
Silver Sulfadiazine Cream is used to prevent and cure infections caused by severe burns. The sulfonamide family of antibiotics includes this topical therapy.
Who is Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm for?
Dogs and cats.
Why use Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm?
This treatment helps to alleviate the symptoms of E.Coli and staph infections, as well as the itching associated with healing burns. On burns, it's a highly efficient infection prevention strategy.
How does Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm work?
Scientists don't completely understand the activities of this broad-spectrum antibacterial drug. It is known to be effective against E. coli and Staph infections. When applied topically to burns, it penetrates the skin to provide itch relief while also moisturizing the area.
Ascend Laboratories, LLC.
Active Ingredients(s):
Silver Sulfadiazine
How is Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm sold?
50 gm tube
What are the side effects of Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm?
While rare, adverse reactions may occur. Symptoms of a side effect might include itching, burning, or pain. In rare cases, adverse reactions have included interstitial nephritis, rash, burning sensation, skin discoloration, erythema multiforme, and skin necrosis.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Silver Sulfadiazine 1% Cream 50 gm?
Keep stored in a cool and dry environment. Don't freeze product.
Helpful Tips:
During dressing changes, operate in a confined environment with little air movement to maintain the animal's health and well-being. This activity will aid in reducing the risk of contamination. When making the dressing, always use sterile equipment, including the instrument for applying the cream to the gauze. A 1/16" cream layer that cover the whole incision is recommended. Please keep in mind the cream may darken when applied to new wounds.