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Product Description
Scarlex is a slow-drying, antiseptic, soothing dressing for use on superficial dermatitis, burns, cuts, surface wounds, surface lesions. It contains scarlet oil and the germicidal ingredient P-Chloro-M-Xylenol. It is non-irritating, speeds up healing, and soothes itching.
Who is Scarlex for?
Why use Scarlex?
Scarlex Benefits: Treats superficial dermatitis Promotes healing Provides itch relief Non-irritating Provides potent germicidal activity Antiseptic Slow-drying Soothing
How does Scarlex work?
This P-Chloro-M-Xylenol-infused scarlet oil wound dressing is a pressurized, easy-to-use spray. This fungicidal and germicidal ingredient is significantly more effective than Phenol without causing irritation to the skin tissue.
Farnam Companies, Inc.
Active Ingredients(s):
Methyl Salicylate .45%, P-Chloro-M-Xylenol .45%, Benzyl Alcohol 2.80%.
How is Scarlex sold?
5 oz pressurized spray container.
What special precautions are there?
Never use on animals that will be consumed by humans. Skin, eyes, and mucous membranes should never come into contact with this product. Discontinue usage and see a veterinarian if redness, irritation, or swelling persists or worsens. Use only externally. Consult a veterinarian if a deep cut, puncture wound, or serious burn occurs. Not for human consumption. Keep out of children's reach. Intentional abuse of this substance, such as concentration and inhalation, can result in serious injury or death. If skin contact occurs, thoroughly wash with soap and water. Inhale fresh air and get medical advice if you have respiratory problems. Handle this product with gloves. If you come into touch with your eyes, flush them with plenty of water for 15 minutes before getting medical attention. Vapors can be harmful. Only use in well-ventilated areas. Never inhale the product vapor or spray mist repeatedly. Empty cans should not be disposed of in household waste compactors. Do not pierce, incinerate, or burn the container at temperatures exceeding 120° F. The contents are combustible and under pressure. Allow no extended exposure to the sun, radiators, stoves, hot water, or other heat sources. Never use near open flames, sparks, or heat. The fumes from this substance build up fast and might ignite explosively. Smoking is not permitted near this product. Any ignition source should be turned off. Maintain proper ventilation in the treatment area until the fumes have dissipated.
How can I store Scarlex?
Do not freeze or puncture. Store in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
Remove the protective cap from the can of spray. Point the nozzle opening toward the wound or affected area you want to treat. Spray it from a distance of 2 to 4 inches away. Press down on the valve stem for just an instant to release the spray. A one second application over the area should be enough. You will need to repeat this application every day until the wound heals. If possible, try to clean and dry the area before applying medication. Do not use on large areas or deep wounds.
1) Whenever feasible, clean and dry affected area(s) before use. 2) Take the protective cap off of the bottle. 3) Direct the opening of the nozzle at the affected area or wound. 4) From a 2" to 4" distance, press the valve stem down for a quick burst, releasing the spray. 5) A proper dose is delivered in just 1 second. 6) Repeat daily until the wound has healed. Never use on a deep wound or an exceedingly large area.