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Quartermaster Rx

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Product Description
Quartermaster lessens the severity of Staphylococcus aureus infection symptoms and protects against reinfection. This drug, also known as penicillin-dihydrostreptomycin in oil, is intended for use on cows during drying out seasons.
Who is Quartermaster for?
Cattle and livestock
Why use Quartermaster?
This medicine has a dual-action composition that acts to alleviate present illness symptoms while also preventing reinfection.
Active Ingredients(s):
penicillin-dihydrostreptomycin in oil
How is Quartermaster sold?
Box of 12
What are the side effects of Quartermaster?
Within 96 hours after calving or 60 days of infusion, do not slaughter an animal infused with this product for food. For the first 8 milkings (96 hours) after calving, do not utilize milk for consumption. A nursing cow should not be given this medication. Do not use within 6 weeks of freshening. Only when the udders have dried off can this product be used.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Quartermaster?
Keep in a dry environment at room temperature between 68-77° F
The FLEXI-TUBE is intended to allow for either complete cannula insertion, as has been done historically, or insertion of little more than 1/8 inch of cannula, as advised by the National Mastitis Council. Push both the red cannula and the white end cap sideways to remove them for partial insertion. Infuse the product by gently inserting the exposed white tip into the teat canal. Pull the white end cap straight up to complete the insertion. Insert the whole cannula into the teat canal gently and infuse the substance with care.
Main Ingredients
penicillin-dihydrostreptomycin in oil