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ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial Rx

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Product Description
ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats utilizes protamine zinc insulin, which is a long-acting insulin. It has been designed to release over a long period, providing for consistent control of blood glucose levels throughout the day.
Who is ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial for?
Why use ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial?
This solution helps your diabetic pet`s blood glucose levels remain under control. The control period lasts an astonishing 10 to 14 hours.
How does ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial work?
This insulin aids in maintaining normal blood glucose levels. It stimulates carbohydrate metabolism in the heart, bones, and adipose tissue. This enables every organ`s cells to manufacture glucose, which is responsible for generating energy.
Boehringer Ingelheim
Active Ingredients(s):
Recombinant human insulin Protamine sulfate
How is ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial sold?
ProZinc insulin is supplied as a sterile injectable suspension in 10 mL multidose vials. Each mL of ProZinc product contains 40 IU recombinant human insulin. THIS PRODUCT IS LIMITED TO 1 PER CUSTOMER.
What are the side effects of ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial?
ProZinc, like other insulin products, is associated with certain adverse reactions. These include: Hypoglycemia (the most common adverse reaction) - signs of which include seizures (in severe cases), coma (in severe cases), weakness, depression, behavioral changes, muscle twitching, and anxiety Insulin antagonism or resistance Rapid insulin metabolism Somogyi effect (insulin-associated hyperglycemia) Local or systemic reactions
What special precautions are there?
Use with caution in cats that have had a previous unfavorable response to protamine zinc recombinant human insulin or any of its constituents. This product should not be used to treat hypoglycemia. Until the crisis is ended, pets suffering from ketoacidosis, anorexia, lethargicness, or vomiting should be given care, including short-acting insulin.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store ProZinc Insulin for Dogs and Cats, 10 ml Vial?
Keep refrigerated at 36-46°F (2-8°C) in an upright position. Do not allow the product to be frozen and prevent light exposure.
If the cat develops an infection, inflammation, neoplasia, endocrine issue, or medical disorder, or if his or her food, body weight, or concomitant drugs alter, modifications may be required. A veterinarian should check the cat on a regular basis to alter the dose based on glycemic control and clinical symptoms. Immediately after or with a meal, take this supplement. 0.1IU to 0.3IU per pound of body weight every 12 hours is the suggested starting dose. Follow the instructions on the Client Information Sheet that came with the medication. Inject subcutaneously on the back of the cat`s neck or on the side. Never use a product containing clumps or persistent particles (after gently rolling). In insulin suspensions, visible white clumps or particles may appear. The suspension should be white and hazy once it has been mixed. Before taking a dosage, gently roll the vial to incorporate the prozinc. Never agitate or shake the vial. Only use for injections under the skin. Use only a U-40 syringe; any other syringe will result in dosage errors.
Main Ingredients
Each ml contains: Recombinant human insulin. 40 International Units (IU) Protamine sulfate 0.466 mg Zinc oxide 0.088 mg Glycerin 16.00 mg Dibasic sodium phosphate.... 3.78 mg Heptahydrate phenol (added as preservative)..2.50 mg Hydrochloric acid..1.63 mg Water for injection (maximum)..1005 mg pH is adjusted with hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide.