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Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker

By Prozap
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Product Description
Lice, flies, northern fowl, mites, fleas, and ticks are all controlled with the Prozap Insectrin Dust Shaker. This ready-to-use solution is for livestock, horses, swine, poultry, pet beddings, and pets themselves, and is designed to be used as a direct application repellent.
Who is Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker for?
Swine, poultry, horses, and livestock.
Why use Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker?
Prozap Insectrin Dust Shaker is safe for use on both animals and their bedding. It acts to control flies, lice, northern fowl, mites, fleas, and ticks once sprayed.
How does Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker work?
This solution contains 0.25 percent permethrin to keep lice, flies, northern fowl, mites, fleas, and ticks off of animals.
Neogen Corporation
Active Ingredients(s):
0.25% Permethrin
How is Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker sold?
2 lb Shaker
What are the side effects of Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker?
Pesticides sensitivity may vary between individuals. If you see any negative signs of sensitivity such as skin irritation, wash your pet with mild soap and rinse thoroughly with water. If symptoms persist, contact your local emergency vet clinic
What special precautions are there?
This product is dangerous if it is absorbed via the skin. Wash your hands thoroughly before using the restroom, drinking, smoking, or eating. This product may cause minor eye discomfort. Avoid contact with skin, clothes, and eyes. If the sensitivity persists, see a veterinarian. If the animals get sensitive, bathe them with water and soap. Sensitivity in animals is possible. Toxic effects will be experienced by aquatic life and fish. As a result, avoid applying to water sources and contaminating any water sources. Avoid exposure to heat and flame. Keep out of the reach of animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Prozap Insectrin Dust, 2 lb Shaker?
Keep this product at room temperature and keep container tightly closed when not in use.
For use in poultry: Apply one pound per 100 birds to control Northern Fowl Mites. Ensure that the vent region is properly treated. For use in swine: Lice on Swine Direct Application: Using this shaker can or a suitable mechanical dust applicator, apply only 1 ounce per head as a uniform coat to the back, shoulders, and head. Do not use more often than once every ten days. Both the bedding and the animal(s) may be treated if the infestation is severe. Within 5 days after therapy, do not export animals for slaughter. For use in horses, dairy cattle, and beef cattle: This product can be used in a dust bag, a mechanical dust applicator, or a shaker. Place contents of this package in any commercially available dust bag and suspend bag in locations frequented by cattle or in lanes or gateways through which the animals must travel daily for supplements, feed, or water for treatment of face flies, lice, or horn flies. Bags can also be used to protect mineral feeders and loafing shelters. Bags may be hanging in the exit via which dairy cows leave the milking barn for dairy cows. The bags should be 4 to 6 inches below the cattle's back line. Bags must be placed in such a way that animals are compelled to use them on a daily basis and hung at a height that the face gets dusted. Apply 2 ounces of dust per animal on the legs, back, shoulders, neck, and head with this shaker can or dust glove for lice and horn flies.
Main Ingredients
0.25% Permethrin