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Prascend Tablets for Horses Rx

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Product Description
Pergolide is a component of Prascend that helps to alleviate the symptoms and signs of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (Cushing's disease).
Who is Prascend Tablets for Horses for?
Why use Prascend Tablets for Horses?
Prascend is the first and only FDA-approved drug for horses with pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (Cushing's syndrome). It alleviates illness symptoms such as odd hair coats and abnormal fat accumulation.
How does Prascend Tablets for Horses work?
Prascend is a potent dopamine receptor antagonist  and synthetic ergot derivative for horses that may be given orally.
Boehringer Ingelheim
Active Ingredients(s):
pergolide mesylate
How is Prascend Tablets for Horses sold?
60 Tablets 120 Tablets
What are the side effects of Prascend Tablets for Horses?
Behavioral Changes Musculoskeletal Pain Skin Abscesses Tooth Disorders Heart Murmur Laminitis Unexpected Weight Loss Lethargy Colic Loose Stools/Diarrhea Lameness Decreased Appetite
What special precautions are there?
Never crush this medication since there are several dangers associated with human exposure. Instead, administer as a top dressing over feed, insert an undissolved tablet into an apple or other treat and give to the horse, or dissolve the tablet(s) in water and inject into the horse's mouth using a syringe.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Prascend Tablets for Horses?
Keep in a dry location at a temperature of 77° Fahrenheit (25° Celsius) or lower.
Helpful Tips:
If you believe Prascend might be beneficial to your horse, speak to a veterinarian for further information and to obtain a prescription.
To obtain an individual response, the lowest effective dosage should be used. For precise dosage, tablets are scored. To the closest half-tablet increment, calculate your horse's dose. This drug should not be crushed. Crushed tablets should not be consumed by humans. Orally, at a starting dose of 2g per kg of body weight, one time per day. Adjust until you get the desired result, but don't go beyond 4g per kilogram per day. Reduce the dose by half for three to five days if the horse appears to be developing an intolerance, then gradually increase at a rate of 2mcg per kg of body weight every two weeks until the desired effect is achieved. Dosing Recommendations: 300 - 749 Lbs: 1/2 to 1 Tablet 750 - 1249 Lbs: 1 to 2 Tablets 1250 - 1749 Lbs: 1 1/2 to 3 Tablets 1750 - 2249 Lbs: 2 to 4 Tablets
Main Ingredients
Prascend Tablets contain 1 mg pergolide, as pergolide mesylate. Pergolide mesylate is a synthetic ergot derivative and is a potent dopamine receptor agonist. The chemical name of pergolide mesylate is 8β-[(Methylthio) methyl]-6-propylergoline monomethanesulfonate.