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Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule Rx

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Product Description
Piroxicam is used to treat cancer in dogs and cats, as well as the pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis. It's a type of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication.
Who is Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule for?
Dogs and cats.
Why use Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule?
This prescription is used to lower fevers, treat chronic rhinitis in dogs and cats, and regulate inflammatory discomfort in cats. This NSAID can be used in conjunction with other drugs to aid in the healing of transitional cell carcinoma.
How does Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule work?
This product is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that inhibits cyclooxygenase in a non-selective manner. Upon entering  the body, it slows down the actions of COX-1 and COX-2. COX-1 is the enzyme that produces homeostasis-regulating prostaglandins, whereas COX-2 produces inflammation-related prostaglandins. The body of the pet reacts less to prostaglandins, which are linked to inflammation, some forms of malignancies, and hypotension, when these enzymes are reduced. COX-2 is linked to nasal epithelial cancers, mammary tumors, oral melanoma, oral squamous cell carcinoma, colorectal tumors, prostatic carcinoma, urinary bladder transitional cell carcinoma, and cancer in osteosarcoma due to its uncontrolled levels.
Nostrum Pharmaceuticals, LLC,
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule sold?
Single 10 mg capsule
What are the side effects of Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule?
Some adverse reactions might have a sudden onset and life-threatening severity. Potential reactions include: Liver injury because of elevated liver enzymes Impaired blood clotting because of blood platelet effects Decreased kidney function Severe kidney injury (papillary necrosis) Ulcers, especially in pets receiving concomitant phenylbutazone, aspirin, or corticosteroid (prednisone or cortisone) treatment Peritonitis because of intestinal perforation Inappetence Vomiting Tarry or dark stools because of intestinal bleeding Intestinal bleeding and ulcers Stomach bleeding and ulcers
What special precautions are there?
Do not use if the animal has a history of medication allergies or hypersensitivity. Do not administer this drug if the animal has a history of inflammation, bleeding, stomach perforation, intestinal lining perforation, or high blood pressure. Administer cautiously if the animal has heart failure. Reactions may develop if the animal is already taking other drugs. This medication is classified as a diuretic or an ACE inhibitor. Review your pet's prescriptions and medical history before administering this drug. Always keep track of your pet's medication history. Keep out of reach of animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Piroxicam, 10 mg Capsule?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
This is a fast-acting medication that produces results in 1 or 2 hours. Offer food with this medication to help lessen the risk of stomach discomfort.
Use as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Main Ingredients