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Pill Cutter

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Product Description
The Pill Cutter, which is sold singly, makes it simple to break your pet's pill in half to ensure correct dosing.
Who is Pill Cutter for?
Dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.
Why use Pill Cutter?
This pill cutter separates tablets into two similar halves with minimum effort. This product is simple to use and store, contains no latex, and comes in its own box.
How does Pill Cutter work?
The pill cutter allows you to easily divide your pet's medications in half with no effort.
Medline Industries
How is Pill Cutter sold?
1 individual blue pill cutter
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from children.
How can I store Pill Cutter?
Keep at room temperature.
If the pill needs to be cut in half, apply pressure to the location marked.