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Mirtazapine Tablet Rx

By Apotex
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Product Description
Mirtazapine (Remeron) Tablets help animals cope with the effects of severe or mild depression. This drug is only for use by veterinarians and may also be administered for vomiting or anorexia.
Who is Mirtazapine Tablet for?
Dogs and cats.
Why use Mirtazapine Tablet?
This medicine can be used to treat depression, as well as to stimulate appetite and relieve nausea.
How does Mirtazapine Tablet work?
This medicine prevents vomiting by interfering with the brain's ability to communicate with the intestines and stomach.
Sun Pharma, Apotex or other generic brand
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Mirtazapine Tablet sold?
Sold as individual tablet in strengths of 7.5 mg or 15 mg
What are the side effects of Mirtazapine Tablet?
When using mirtazapine, animals with a blood disorder, such as low platelets or leukemia, should be continuously watched. In the bone marrow, aberrant blood cell lines can develop. This medicine may cause blood pressure to decrease or the heart rate to increase at large dosages. Adrenal gland cortisol secretion is known to be reduced by mirtazapine. Cushing's Syndrome is a disorder in which the adrenal glands overproduce adrenal hormones. Therefore, this medication is not advised for treatment of animals with Cushing's Syndrome. Serotonin syndrome is a disorder that occurs when serotonin levels in the brain become excessively high. This issue generally necessitates a mix of treatments. High blood pressure, rising body temperature, difficulty breathing, pupil dilation, shivering, tremors, rapid heart rate, and overall hyperactivity are all symptoms of serotonin syndrome. If you feel your pet is suffering from serotonin syndrome, give him an antidote of cyproheptadine. Drowsiness is the most prevalent adverse effect linked with this medicine.
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Mirtazapine Tablet?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
This product may be administered independently or with food - whatever is most convenient for you.
Use as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Main Ingredients