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Leflunomide Tablet Rx

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Product Description
Leflunomide for cats is effective when combined with methotrexate-based rheumatoid arthritis treatments. It also works well for histiocytosis and IMHA (immune-mediated hemolytic anemia).
Who is Leflunomide Tablet for?
Dogs and cats.
Why use Leflunomide Tablet?
This medication treats cats with rheumatoid arthritis and immune-mediated hemolytic anemia.
How does Leflunomide Tablet work?
This medication is classified as an immunomodulator. As a result, by inhibiting B-cell and T-cell development, it has an impact on the response and function of the immune system.
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Active Ingredients(s):
How is Leflunomide Tablet sold?
Sold per tablet in strengths of 10 mg or 20 mg.
What are the side effects of Leflunomide Tablet?
Potential side effects include: Decreased appetite Lethargy Vomiting
What special precautions are there?
Do not give to animals with severe kidney failure or animals who are pregnant. Keep away from children and animals.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Leflunomide Tablet?
Keep at room temperature between 68-77° F
Use as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Main Ingredients