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Global Pocket Reader Plus

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Product Description
Microchips in horses are read with the Global Pocket Reader Plus. This scanner is a universal gadget that scans the microchip and then stores the identifying numbers (up to 3,000). It comes with a durable and practical plastic case.
Who is Global Pocket Reader Plus for?
Why use Global Pocket Reader Plus?
This device is made of tough and robust materials that will last a long time. This reader comes with a 1-year guarantee and is suitable for harsh environments.
How does Global Pocket Reader Plus work?
The Global Pocket Reader Plus can read and save up to 3,000 digits. It has two simple download options: Bluetooth or USB cord. The long-lasting battery allows for extended usage, while the design helps to reduce drop damage. It reads microchips at 134.2 kHz (ISO), 128 kHz, and 125 kHz (FDX-A) using Bio-Thermo Technology. Microchip Temperatures are shown and stored once LifeChips are read.
Destron Fearing
How is Global Pocket Reader Plus sold?
1 Global Pocket Reader Plus with a sturdy plastic case key chain with microchip to test the reader lanyard to help prevent drops and keep hands free six AAA rechargeable NiMH batteries quick start guide power supply and a USB cable.
What are the side effects of Global Pocket Reader Plus?
There are no currently known side effects from this product.
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from animals and children.
How can I store Global Pocket Reader Plus?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Use as directed on label or as recommended by veterinarians