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Gentacalm Topical Spray Rx

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Product Description
Gentacalm Topical Spray is used to treat skin infections, irritation, and itching. This medication is an anti-inflammatory and antipruritic topical spray that may be used to treat lesions.
Who is Gentacalm Topical Spray for?
Why use Gentacalm Topical Spray?
This product is a mess-free, easy-to-apply antibiotic spray for skin disorders and infected sores caused by bacteria that decreases pain, swelling, and itching once administered.
How does Gentacalm Topical Spray work?
Betamethasone, an itch-relieving anti-inflammatory, and gentamicin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic, are the two active components in this useful spray. They work together to provide a potent infection-healing therapy.
Dechra Pharmaceuticals
Active Ingredients(s):
Gentamicin and Betamethasone
How is Gentacalm Topical Spray sold?
Sold by the bottle in sizes of 60 ml, 120 ml and 240 ml.
What are the side effects of Gentacalm Topical Spray?
Cushing's syndrome (with repeated or prolonged steroid treatment) Diarrhea (with or without blood) Polyuria (excessive urination) Polydipsia (excessive thirst) Anorexia Weight loss Elevated enzymes
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Gentacalm Topical Spray?
Keep stored in a cool and dry environment
Helpful Tips:
It's vital to remember that this odorless, non-staining treatment shouldn't be used for longer than a week. Healing periods may be slowed if used for more than seven days. Any prolonged use must be monitored by a veterinarian to guarantee the safety and health of the animal.
1) Prior to application, remove hair from the area and gently, yet thoroughly clean the lesion. 2) From a distance of 3" to 6", spray the area twice. 3) Repeat 2 to 4 times daily for up to one week.
Main Ingredients
Each mL contains: Gentamicin sulfate equivalent to 0.57 mg gentamicin base Betamethasone valerate equivalent to 0.284 mg Betamethasone 163 mg isopropyl alcohol Propylene glycol Methylparaben and propylparaben as preservatives Purified water q.s. Hydrochloric acid may be added to adjust pH.