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Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts, 20 per Bag

By Eazi-Breed
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Product Description
Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts are an easy and convenient way to induce estrus in ewes, allowing you to breed them at any time of year. Progesterone, a naturally-occurring hormone, is released into the ewe's body through the insert, inducing fertile estrus. This means you don't have to wait for the natural breeding season to breed your sheep! Each bag comes with 20 inserts, and they can be used with the Eazi-Breed CIDR Applicator (sold separately).
Who is Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts, 20 per Bag for?
Why use Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts, 20 per Bag?
The Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts are approved by the FDA to help you breed your sheep at the best time possible. This will help you get the most money for your sheep when they are sold. The inserts allow you to breed and induce estrus anytime, regardless of the natural ewe breeding season.
How does Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts, 20 per Bag work?
These inserts help to make the ewes fertile by making them have a period when they are ready to get pregnant.
Zoetis / Pfizer
Active Ingredients(s):
Progesterone, 0.3 gram per EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert
How is Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts, 20 per Bag sold?
20 Inserts per Bag
What special precautions are there?
Handle this product with care. Wear gloves when you touch it so you don't get it on your skin. Do not use this product if you are a human. Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Eazi-Breed CIDR Sheep Inserts, 20 per Bag?
Shield from light. Store between 68-77°F (20-25°C). Brief excursions of 59-86° F (15°-30°C) are permitted.
To induce estrus in sheeps during seasonal anestrus, administer 1 EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert in every ewe for a period of 5 days. After removing the insert, employ standard flock breeding procedures to breed your ewes at induced estrus. For Insertion: Wear protective gloves when handling the inserts to prevent skin contact. Use only the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert Applicator to administer. Properly restrain ewes before administering. Use a non-irritating antiseptic solution to wash the applicator. Apply a veterinary obstetrical lubricant onto the end of the applicator. Press the tail end of the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert into the applicator. Ensure that the tail extends upward through the applicator slot, pointing away from the handle. Fold the EAZI-BREED CIDR Sheep Insert wings, making it longer. Continue advancing the insert into the applicator until completely seated. Only the wing tips should be protruding from the end of the applicator. Use veterinary obstetrical lubricant to lubricate protruding wing tips. Use a disposable tissue to clean the vulva exterior. Open the vulva lips. Gently place the loaded applicator through the vulva with the applicator slot facing downward. After the loaded applicator passes the vulva, slightly slope the applicator upward by lowering the handle. Then press forward without forcing until the applicator is completely inserted or until resistance is felt. Squeeze the finger grips in the applicator handle. This will deposit the insert into the anterior vagina. Pull the applicator back, removing it from the vagina. When the insert is placed correctly, the wings should be open in the anterior vagina. The insert tail should be visible and pointing downward from the ewe's vulva. To Remove: Remove inserts by firmly, yet gently, pulling on the protruding nylon tail. These inserts might reverse in direction when seated within the vagina. For this reason, the nylon tail may not be visible. In this case, inspect the vagina to ensure that the insert is still present. Removed and used inserts should be stored in a sealed container until disposal. The sealed container or bag containing the inserts should be disposed of properly in accordance with all federal, state, and local regulations.