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Disposable Syringe w/Needle 12 ml Rx

By Covidien
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Size: 12 cc 18g Needle 1 inch

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Product Description
Disposable Syringe with Needle is a 12 ml syringe is perfect for a variety of uses, from drawing and measuring fluids to injectable drug delivery.Made from durable polypropylene, our syringes are non-toxic and safe for repeated use. Each syringe comes sterilized and sealed in its own individual package, so you can be sure it's ready for use when you need it.
Who is Disposable Syringe w/Needle 12 ml for?
Why use Disposable Syringe w/Needle 12 ml?
This syringe is user-friendly and efficient. It has bold graduation markings, making it easy to use while injecting an entire herd.
Covidien Ltd.
How is Disposable Syringe w/Needle 12 ml sold?
The following States require a prescription for a quantity of more than 10 syringes to be sold: California , Connecticut, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and South Carolina.