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Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg Rx

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Product Description
Clopidogrel is an antiplatelet medication used in dogs and cats with underlying hypercoagulability or cardiomyopathy. It has a wide dose range for cats and delivers powerful and confirmed anti-platelet activity. It's the first-line medication for animals who can't take aspirin. For dogs with immune-mediated hemolytic anemia or asymptomatic cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, cardiac medicines like clopidogrel are routinely recommended.
Who is Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg for?
Cats and dogs.
Why use Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg?
Clopidogrel is particularly useful in aspirin-intolerant animals. It is effective in preventing blood clotting.
How does Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg work?
Clopidogrel works by blocking the adenosine diphosphate receptors on platelet cell membranes in an irreversible manner. It's called a prodrug since it requires hepatic metabolism to get to the active metabolite.
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Active Ingredients(s):
How is Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg sold?
Sold in 75 mg Tablets
What are the side effects of Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg?
Anorexia, vomiting, and bleeding are possible with Clopidogrel use. To reduce the likelihood of these reactions, administer with food.
What special precautions are there?
Human studies have shown that this medication should never be administered to an animal experiencing an active bleed. Keep out of the reach of animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Clopidogrel Tablet, 75 mg?
Keep the temperature under 25° Celcius (77° Fahrenheit). Do not allow the product to freeze.
Helpful Tips:
Do not give your pet two doses as once. If you accidentally skip a dose, give it as soon as you remember, then change the administration schedule to account for this interruption in dosing. This product can be given with or without food.
Use as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Main Ingredients