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Cavalor Lurax, 200 ml

By Cavalor
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Product Description
Support your horses’ skin with Cavalor Lurax. The cream promotes healthy skin and supports the healing of sunburns, cuts, and abrasions. The antiseptic and anti-inflammatory cream can also be used on skin infections and rain rot. When used indicated, Cavalor Lurax is FEI Clean Sport Guaranteed. The quality ointment helps wounds heal faster and speeds hair regrowth. Cavalor Lurax is a must for your equine first aid kit.
Who is Cavalor Lurax, 200 ml for?
Why use Cavalor Lurax, 200 ml?
Reduce skin irritation
How does Cavalor Lurax, 200 ml work?
Provides a cooling and calming effect to counter-act skin irriations
How is Cavalor Lurax, 200 ml sold?
200 ml
Main Ingredients
cod liver oil, zinc oxide, vitamins A & D, plant extracts