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Atopica Capsules for Dogs Rx

By Atopica
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Product Description
Atopica is a medication that is useful in treating atopic dermatitis (chronic eczema). It's a brand-new medicine that's used to treat the most frequent allergic skin illness in dogs.
Who is Atopica Capsules for Dogs for?
Dogs 4lbs and up.
Why use Atopica Capsules for Dogs?
Atopica is a drug that treats the disease's underlying cause. This FDA-approved treatment reduces the symptoms of skin allergies and relieves itch and rash without the use of steroids.
How does Atopica Capsules for Dogs work?
Cyclosporine is the active component in Atopica. This chemical works as an immunological stimulant. Beauveria nivea produces it as a metabolite, and it is a cyclic polypeptide with 11 amino acids.
Active Ingredients(s):
How is Atopica Capsules for Dogs sold?
Atopica comes in 15 unit-dose blister packs. Each capsule is imprinted with a red "S" and the corresponding mg. 10 mg: oval, white capsules 25 mg: oval, blue-gray capsules 50 mg: oval, white capsules 100 mg: oval, blue-gray capsules
What are the side effects of Atopica Capsules for Dogs?
In rare cases, side effects of diarrhea and vomiting have occurred. During initial treatment phases, papillomas and gingival hyperplasia have also occurred.
What special precautions are there?
Atopica is a powerful systemic immunosuppressant that has the potential to make an animal more vulnerable to neoplasia and infections. If you notice any of these indications in your pet, which might signal a serious response, contact your veterinarian right away: Fever over 103 degrees Runny nose Coughing Sneezing Tiredness Painful urination
What to do if overdose?
If overdose occurs, please contact your local pet hospital or emergency pet clinic immediately.
How can I store Atopica Capsules for Dogs?
This product should be kept from heat and moisture and stored in a dry location between 59 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (15 and 25 degrees Celsius).
Helpful Tips:
Because it is uncertain if cyclosporine affects the immune response to live immunizations, dogs undergoing Atopica therapy should be inoculated with killed vaccines.
If a treatment is missed by accident, administer the following dose as soon as you learn it was missed. Never give more than one dose per day or double the dose. Give it at least 2 hours after or an hour before a meal. Reduce the dosage frequency to every other day or twice a week after the initial 30-day period, until a minimum effective dose is identified. Give a daily dosage of 5mg per kilogram of body weight for the initial 30 days of therapy.
Main Ingredients