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Animalintex Poultice

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Product Description
Animalintex Poultice Pad is a medical aid that supports the recovery of a subdermal injury, inflammation, minor wound, and more. It is a topical dressing, that when placed over an affected area like sore shins, capped elbows, thrush, mud fever, or cracked heels, provides relief.
Who is Animalintex Poultice for?
Unsterile dogs and horses.
Why use Animalintex Poultice?
Animalintex Poultice Pad is a fast and effective treatment for a variety of injuries. Ideal for use on open wounds, splints, seedy toe, stiffness, etc. this dressing is quick-apply and mess-free. No bucket is required for the application.
How does Animalintex Poultice work?
Ideal for a variety of uses, this pad is designed to be used wet, dry, cold, or hot. Application use depends on the ailment type.
Active Ingredients(s):
Tragacanth 6.02g/pad, Boric Acid 2.08 g/pad
How is Animalintex Poultice sold?
1 ready-to-use 8" x 16" pad that can be cut to size.
What are the side effects of Animalintex Poultice?
Tragacanth 6.02g/pad, Boric Acid 2.08 g/pad
What special precautions are there?
Store out of reach of children Never use a tight wrap over this pad Every 12 hours or more frequently, replace the pad Before and after use, wash hands well Maceration can occur if pad is left on for too long Seek vet help if maceration occurs
What to do if overdose?
In case of overdose, contact your nearest veternarian or pet hospital.
How can I store Animalintex Poultice?
Store in a cool and dry environment.
Before any method of application, always clean the area well. Ensure dirt and mud have been removed. For use wet and hot, first assess the area size. If needed, trim the pad to fit the area and keep excess for use later. Next, put the pad plastic side up in a sterilized container. Using slightly cooled boiling water, slowly pour around the edge of the pad. Allow the water to soak into the fabric. Once saturated, wring out the pad until damp. Then place the pad, plastic side out, over the area. Gently allow the pad to contour to the area and cover with a lightly wrapped bandage. For wet and cold, use the same steps for hot application but allow boiled water to cool completely. For dry, place the pad plastic side out over the area without any moisture and cover using a lightly wrapped bandage. Please note that, when used dry, the pad retains its effectiveness for longer. It can be reused a few times.
Main Ingredients
Tragacanth 6.02g/pad, Boric Acid 2.08 g/pad