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Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide for Livestock

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Size: 32 oz

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Product Description
Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide is water-based insecticide that is perfect for hobby farmers who need to control fly populations around their multi-species livestock. Flys-X is easy to use, simply attach the sprayer to any hose and start spraying! It's also safe for use around children and animals, so you can rest assured knowing that your family and pets are protected from harmful fly populations. Don't let flies ruin your farm - grab a bottle of Flys-X today!
Who is Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide for Livestock for?
Horses and livestock.
Why use Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide for Livestock?
This fly spray is perfect for hobby farmers. It is ready to use and controls flies.
W. F. Young, Inc.
Active Ingredients(s):
Pyrethrins....0.1%, Piperonyl Butoxide...1.0%
How is Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide for Livestock sold?
32 oz Spray or Gallon
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
Contact the closest emergency animal clinic.
How can I store Absorbine Flys-X Ready to Use Insecticide for Livestock?
Keep at room temperature.
Directions: Horse and Livestock Spray: Effective, fast-acting, ready to use insecticide. Apply with conventional sprayers or a cloth. To protect cattle and horses from horn flies, house flies, mosquitoes and gnats, apply a light mist sufficient to wet the surface of the hair. To kill stable flies, horse flies and deer flies, apply at a rate of 2-4 ounces per adult animal sufficient to wet the hair thoroughly. Repeat treatment daily or at intervals necessary to give continued protection. To kill face flies, apply with a cloth dampened with the spray. To kill blood sucking lice, apply to the infested areas of the animal. Use a stiff brush to get the spray to the base of the hair. Repeat every 2-3 weeks as required. Dog and Foal Insecticide use: To kill fleas and brown dog ticks on premises and on dogs. Effective, fast-acting insecticide. Surface spraying: Remove dogs prior to treatment. Thoroughly spray infested areas, pet beds, resting quarters, nearby cracks and crevices, along and behind baseboards, moldings, windows and door frames and entire areas of floor covering. Fresh bedding should be placed in animal quarters following treatment. On Dogs and Foals: Start spraying at the tail, moving the dispenser rapidly and making sure the animal's entire body is covered including the legs and under body. While spraying, fluff the hair so spray will penetrate to the skin. Do not spray into eyes or face. Avoid contact with eyes and genitalia. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product on pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing animals or animals on medication. During the flea season, retreat weekly if necessary. Household Spray: Effective, fast-acting ready to use spray for use in homes. Leaves no oily or objectionable residues. Use of this product in kitchens should be limited to periods when not in use. Indoor surface spraying: For maximum results, a combination of spot treatment and surface spray is recommended. To kill cockroaches, palmetto bugs, ants, silverfish, spiders, crickets, clover mites, cheese mites, granary weevils, confused flour beetles, spider beetles, cigarette beetles, drugstore beetles, meal worms, grain mites and cadelles. Adjust spray to a coarse wet spray. Direct the spray into hiding places, cracks and crevices, around containers of stored foods, behind shelves and drawers. For silverfish, spray bookcases. For ants, spray trails, nests and points of entry. If surface application only is to be used, spray floors and other surfaces at the rate of 1 gallon to 750 square feet of area. Repeat application weekly if necessary.
Main Ingredients
Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins....0.1%, Piperonyl Butoxide...1.0%