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What is a Subscription?

You do not need to remember to re-order your pet's medication, food, treats, or supplements anymore. With the (!appconfig Name="Customized.CompanyName.ShortName"!).com Subscribe & Save program we do all the work for you. Simply set up your Subscription items for recurring delivery on your own schedule and we will have your items at your door before your pets realize you are all out of their favorite products!.

Can I setup Multiple Subscription orders?

Certainly! To add additional items to your Subscription: Simply browse for items on (!appconfig Name="Customized.CompanyName.ShortName"!).com and select a your shipment frequency from the Subscription section, place item in cart and continue to checkout. You can change your Subscription orders at anytime by logging into your My (!appconfig Name="Customized.CompanyName.ShortName"!).com account via My Subscription link.

Can I use a promo code on Subscription orders?

Subscription orders cannot be combined with other coupons, discounts and offers provided by (!appconfig Name="Customized.CompanyName.ShortName"!).com.

Are all Subscription products eligible for free delivery?

No, not all items on a Subscription qualify for free delivery.

What are subscription discounts?

With a Subscription you save 5% on all Subscription items on every Subscription order.

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