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Pet Medications

What does “RX required” Mean?

Medication that requires a prescription will have a red "Rx” next to the product name on our website.

How do I order “RX” Medication?

To order prescription medication, simply add the item to your cart then proceed through checkout. During the checkout process, we will ask you for information about your pet and veterinarian so we have it on file and may contact them on your behalf.

If you already have the prescription you can mail it to:

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14540 NW 60th Avenue
Miami Lakes, FL 33014

What is the RX process?

Once you have completed your order, we will contact your vet and request your pet’s prescription directly from them. If we have your email address on file, you will receive email updates on your order each time we reach out to your vet, and then another to let you know when your prescription has been received.

Why is my order status Rx Hold?

Rx Hold means your order is pending your pet’s veterinarian’s approval to dispense medication.

How long does it take to process prescription after the pharmacy receives it by mail?

Usually all prescriptions are processed within 24-48 after they are received.

Can I fax or email my prescription?

Faxed or Scanned copies are only accepted if sent directly from the vet’s office. If you would like to send us you prescription directly, you can mail in the original prescription.

Can I mail my prescription after the order gets processed?

You can place your order first, but the order will not be processed until we receive the original prescription.

How often are veterinarians contacted?

If your order is placed during business hours, your pet’s vet will be contacted the same day. First attempt is always made by fax unless it is a mobile vet. We follow up by phone with vets if we have not heard back after 48 hours (2 business days).

How long does it take to ship order after Rx approval is received?

All Rx approvals are processed within the first 24 hours after received.

Are prescription items refundable?

No, prescription items are not refundable.

When can I cancel my prescription order?

You can cancel a prescription order as long as the prescription has not been prepared. Once the prescription has been prepared we will not accept any cancellations.

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