GiantEaglePetRx Cares

GiantEaglePetRx is proud to support the local and national community through sponsorships of shows, events and non-profit organizations.

GiantEaglePetRx Pet Pharmacy serves the greater good of the community, by attending community events that benefit rescue organizations, donations of supplies, products, supplies, pr monetary sums to non-profit organizations which help animals in distress.

GiantEaglePetRx also sponsors fund-raising events, horse shows, dog shows and other activities beneficial to educating others or supporting the pets in our community.

We are always trying to give back to the community with programs like our “Rescue Hero” program. This program allows rescue organizations a chance to earn rewards points and donations for every order referred by your rescue’s Heroes or become a social media “Pack Promoter” to earn more reward points for your Rescue organization.

If you are inquiring about the “Rescue Hero” program, sponsorship or support for your community event or program or becoming a “Pack Promoter”, please e-mail us with details about your organization and event. Don’t forget to include the following information if it pertains to your request:

  • Organization Name
  • Number of attendees expected>
  • Date of event>
  • Preferred donation form (i.e. products, gift certificates, etc.)>
  • Non profit registration number>
Email us using the form below: