Price Guarantee Price Guarantee guarantees you the lowest prices with our 100% price protection.

Everyday Low Price Guarantee guarantees the lowest price on everything we sell. If you find an item elsewhere (before or within 30 days of your purchase from, you will be eligible for our “100% price protection" program.

To Price Match

Step 1: Place your order at or call (877) 583-2980.

Step 2 : Call (877) 583-2980 or email to Price Match with the competitive information.

Here is How it Works

* The item must be the identical product; including manufacturer name, strength, packaging, and bottled quantities. It must also possess an equal or better expiration date and must be an EPA/FDA US approved product.

* The price you wish us to match must be verifiable on the Internet or through a printed advertisement. The competitor's advertisement must be current. will only match prices with U.S. based .pharmacy approved and licensed pharmacies.

* The competitor's shipping and handling charges and sales tax must be taken into account when we calculate the competitor's price.

* Competitor’s coupons or promotions for first time or one time use will not accepted for the low price guarantee.

* "Gift-with-purchase" offers cannot be considered in the price match calculation.

* reserves the right to deny any price match on an item that is not in stock with a competitor or does not meet the criteria of our Price Match Policy.

* Price matches will not be honored on "Going out of business", "Liquidation Sales", "Limited Time Sale", companies in distress, or auction sites.

* Price adjustments are limited to one price match per item within the 30 day period.

* Shipments to Florida are subject to 7% sales tax and will not be included as part of the price match calculation.