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Z Tag Applicator

By Farnam Companies
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Product Description
The Z Tag Cattle Ear Tag Applicator makes it easy to install identifying tags on cattle. This ear tag applicator is robust and easy to use, reducing the risk of infection and eliminating tears.
Who is Z Tag Applicator for?
Why use Z Tag Applicator?
This ear tag applicator is constructed of glass-filled nylon and has a unique pin system with a lock shut function. This technique reduces infection and ripping concerns by requiring no pins or blades to touch the ear. The practical applicator boasts good retention rates, is easy to carry in the pocket, and includes extra pins.
How does Z Tag Applicator work?
This applicator incorporates a no-snag-tagger pin pivoting mechanism that minimizes tearing and simplifies loading.
Farnam Companies, Inc.
How is Z Tag Applicator sold?
1 Z Tag Applicator
What special precautions are there?
2-piece ear tag use can weaken the tissue of the ear. Never use a new tag in an old hole. Handle carefully, as the tags have sharp points. To ensure that the tag correctly penetrates the ear, hold the tip, using the other hand to hold the ear. Keep out of the reach of children.
1) Flip the pin upright. 2) Place the pin into the tag, make sure the piercing tip is straight, and push the pin downward. 3) Confirm that the tag is present on the pin. 4) If present, take hold of the front of the ear, insert into the applicator, and firmly squeeze. 5) Hold handles together. 6) After tagging, pull the applicator away and down, removing from the ear. Never open handles during the removal process. This can cause pin damage and ear ripping.
Main Ingredients
1 Z Tag Applicator