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UltraShield Red Insecticide & Repellent

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Size: 32 oz

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Product Description
UltraShield Red Insecticide & Repellent is a powerful formula featuring a unique combination of five active ingredients, offering broad-spectrum control against a wide range of insects, including flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. Plus, it's safe to use around horses, making it a great choice for equestrians.
Who is UltraShield Red Insecticide & Repellent for?
Why use UltraShield Red Insecticide & Repellent?
Broad spectrum horse spray that kills a wide range of insects.
W. F. Young, Inc.
Active Ingredients(s):
Permethrin .9%, Tetramethrin .25%, Pyrethrins .25%, Cypermethrin .1%, And Piperonyl Butoxide 1.%.
How is UltraShield Red Insecticide & Repellent sold?
32 oz Spray or Gallon
What special precautions are there?
Keep out of reach from animals and children.
What to do if overdose?
Contact the closest emergency animal clinic.
How can I store UltraShield Red Insecticide & Repellent?
Keep at room temperature.
Hold container upright. Shake well before using. Spray or wipe on. Ready to use. No mixing necessary. This formulation may be applied directly with spray applicator or as a wipe-on. 7 day formula provides repellency and protection from biting and nuisance flies, gnats and mosquitoes. USE ONLY ON HORSES, PONIES, FOALS (Over 12 Weeks of Age), LLAMAS, ALPACAS, MULES AND DONKEYS. Kills and repels biting and nuisance flies, gnats and mosquitoes for up to 7 days. Including: Horse Flies, Stable Flies, Face Flies, Horn Flies, Deer Flies, House Flies, Black Flies, Barn Flies, Cluster Flies, Sciarid Flies, Gnats, Midges, Punkies, No-See-Ums, Chiggers, and Fleas. Kills ticks including: Deer Ticks, Lone Star Ticks, American Dog Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks and Gulf Coast Ticks. USE AS A WIPE OR SPRAY: This product may be applied either as a wipe or as a spray. When applying as a wipe, or on the animal's face, always use a soft cloth. When possible, first brush animal to remove excess dirt and dust. Spray or wipe animal's entire body while brushing against the lay of the coat to ensure adequate coverage. Avoid getting spray into animal's eyes, nose or mouth. Do not wet skin, or apply to the point of dripping or exceed two ounces per application. Reapply every 7 days under normal conditions. Reapply each time animal is washed or exposed to heavy rain for best results. When possible, after application, brush thoroughly to bring out bright sheen on the coat. USE AS A PREMISE SPRAY: Kills insects on contact such as: American Cockroaches, German Cockroaches, Oriental Cockroaches, Smokey Brown Cockroaches, Carpenter Ants, House Flies, Stable Flies, Black Flies, American Dog Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks and Fleas. Apply as a spot and crack-and-crevice treatment in stables, barns and animal quarters. Apply at a rate of 32 oz. per 160 sq. ft. Spray in areas where insects congregate. Direct spray to contact insects for rapid knockdown and kill. Spray around door facings and screens to render area unattractive to insects. This will help to repel insects and prevent entrance into building.
Main Ingredients
Active Ingredients: Permethrin .9%, Tetramethrin .25%, Pyrethrins .25%, Cypermethrin .1%, And Piperonyl Butoxide 1.%.