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Pistol Grip Mega-Shot

By Neogen Corporation
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Product Description
The Pistol Grip Mega-Shot is perfect for administering 1 cc to 5 cc doses quickly and easily, and features a dial lock feature for enhanced accuracy. Plus, with a 50 mL capacity, the Pistol Grip Mega-Shot is perfect for all your injectable needs.
Why use Pistol Grip Mega-Shot?
This syringe is easy to use and helps make it easier to vaccinate or give injections to a lot of animals at the same time.
How does Pistol Grip Mega-Shot work?
This syringe is easy to use and makes it possible to quickly and accurately inject multiple doses. It is precision-made, with a rear dosage dial that locks into place, a disassemblable plunger and frame, and a rubber plunger and hardworking Lexan barrel.
Neogen Corporation