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Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller

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Product Description
Pet Hair air, lint, and dandruff are removed from surfaces with the Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller. This roller is simple to use and may be used on blankets, furniture, clothing, and other items. It has a total of 60 sheets.
Who is Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller for?
Cats and dogs.
Why use Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller?
The Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller is equipped with high-quality adhesive and has 60 layers that are easy to change. It's a joy to use this roller because it has a comfy grip. Hair, lint, dirt, and more are all removed with every swipe.
How does Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller work?
This roller is ideal for picking up hair, but it also works on lint, dust, and dandruff.
Pet Plus
Active Ingredients(s):
Adhesive material
How is Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller sold?
Each Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller contains 60 layers total 30 1/2 ft x 4".
How can I store Pet Hair Pic Up Adhesive Roller?
Keep product stored in a dry and cool environment.
Helpful Tips:
To avoid potential side effects, increase the dosage gradually. Start by giving your horse 1/2 the maintenance dosage and then increase it by 1/2 the maintenance dosage every 2-7 days, depending on how well your horse tolerates it.
1) Remove the roller cover and run it over the whole surface. 2) Apply a little pressure while rolling to verify everything is removed. 3) When a layer is finished, raise the dry end of the sheet to reveal a fresh one. 4) Remove the handle from the empty roll and firmly press it into a fresh one once all of the sheets have been utilized. These rolls and sheets can be discarded normally.