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Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz

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Product Description
Groom-Aid Spray works to add non-greasy shine and luster to cats or dogs cats as well as removes unruly tangles and knots after bathing. A scented, rapid-absorption, aerosol spray, once applied it removes odor and makes grooming easy. Please note that AK and HI do not allow the delivery of this item.
Who is Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz for?
Cats and dogs
Why use Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz?
A useful grooming spray, the formula is rapid to absorb and contains lanolin to add shine to the fur. Used to smooth out knots and tangles after bathing, this scented-aerosol-spray also deodorizes to leave pets fresh.
How does Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz work?
The lanolin derivative found in Groom-Aid Spray adds luster and sheen to animal's coat. It helps keep coats tangle-free, making animal’s coats easier to maintain while also leaving a fresh scent
Active Ingredients(s):
Propane Isopropyl alcohol Ethyl alcohol N-butane Mineral oil
How is Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz sold?
7 oz aerosol spray can
What are the side effects of Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz?
No known side effects.
What special precautions are there?
Store away from the reach of children and animals Store in cool temperatures Never expose to temperatures higher than 120F Do not burn the container Do not puncture the container This is a flammable product Keep away from eyes Only use topically Only use on dogs or cats Not for human use
What to do if overdose?
In case of overdose, contact your nearest veternarian or pet hospital.
How can I store Groom-Aid Spray for Dogs and Cats, 7 oz?
Store in a dry and cool environment. Product contents is pressurized. Do not expose to heat or exceed 120°F.
To use, begin by taking off the protective cap. Once off, hold the can upright, 8 to 12 inches away from the animal’s coat. With the open side pointed at the pet, press a finger down on the nozzle. Using a back and forth motion, gently coat the animal until the fur is moist. If desired, rub against the hair grain the ensure the spray penetrates.