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Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct

By BluePoint Labs
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Product Description
Famotidine is used to minimize the amount of acid a stomach produces and enhance stomach ulcer healing. Formulated for use in humans, this product is not FDA approved for veterinary use, however, it is a commonly accepted treatment for cats and dogs. Please note that off-label use of this product may also include the treatment of gastritis, esophagitis, and GERD.
Who is Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct for?
Humans with off label use pets per veterinary discretion
Why use Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct?
This product is commonly used in pets to stop symptoms of heartburn caused by acid indigestion. Working to stop acid production in the stomach, this formula also supports the healing of stomach ulcers and inhibits further formation. Other uses include treatment of gastritis, esophagitis, and GERD in cats and dogs.
How does Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct work?
When introduced to the body, this medication stops the secretion of gastric acids for the H-2 receptors. With this block action, ulcer formation is prevented, which gives them time to heal.
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Active Ingredients(s):
Famotidine 10 mg
How is Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct sold?
60 Tablet Bottle
What are the side effects of Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct?
Withdraw famotidine use and pursue emergency veterinary treatment if your cat or dog shows signs of a severe allergic reaction. Signs include hives, swollen face, swollen tongue, swollen lips, or trouble breathing. Adverse reactions are uncommon, but could include tiredness or inappetence. Notify your veterinarian about any reaction that appears to be bothersome or unusual for your pet.
What special precautions are there?
Store out of the reach of animals and children If the animal is allergic to acid reducers, never use this product If the animal is pregnant or has heart, kidney, or liver disease, do not use this product
What to do if overdose?
In case of overdose, contact your nearest veternarian or pet hospital.
How can I store Famotidine Tablets 10 mg, 60 ct?
Store between 68-77°F (20-25°C). Store away from moisture and heat.
Helpful Tips:
For the best results, always use this mediation with an empty stomach.
Always use this product under veterinary supervision and instructions. To use, provide 1 dose every 12 to 24 hours based on animal type. For cats: Give .22 mg per lb For dogs: Give .22 to .44 mg per lb
Main Ingredients
Famotidine 10 mg