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Cavalor Lactatec Powder, 2 kg

By Cavalor
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Product Description
Mix Cavalor Lactatec powder into your horses’ food each day to promote peak muscle performance, aid in a fast recovery, and prevent muscle fatigue. For serious acidification, implement a course of 4 weeks and use 2 days prior to and 1 day following competition that includes high activity. The powder contains essential amino acids, including lysine and methionine, a building block from which muscles are built.
Who is Cavalor Lactatec Powder, 2 kg for?
Why use Cavalor Lactatec Powder, 2 kg?
Help stimulate muscle recovery and prevent muscle issues such as stiffness, damage and fatigue
How does Cavalor Lactatec Powder, 2 kg work?
A combination of essential ingredients removes toxins, reduces tension, ensures efficient oxygen transportation to the muscles, and accelerates lactate breakdown
How is Cavalor Lactatec Powder, 2 kg sold?
2 kg, Tub
Main Ingredients
msm, manganese, vitamin B2, vitamin E, vitamin C, betaine hydrochloride, sodium bicarbonate, lysine, petroselinum stivum, magnesium, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, selenium, whey proteins, zinc, sodium tripolyphosphate, methionine, citrus aurantifolia