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Cavalor Freebute Pro, 6x60 cc box

By Cavalor
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Product Description
Cavalor’s FreeBute Pro paste is an alternative to products with Phenylbutazone and is free of active chemical ingredients. Instead, it contains an all-natural herbal mixture that provides horses with effective relief from pain and discomfort. It’s safe for use during competition when used as directed. When your horse works hard, Cavalor’s FreeBute Pro helps them stay comfortable and pain-free.
Who is Cavalor Freebute Pro, 6x60 cc box for?
Why use Cavalor Freebute Pro, 6x60 cc box?
Aid in pain relief
How does Cavalor Freebute Pro, 6x60 cc box work?
Allows horses to rest at ease in order to begin a successful healing and recovery process without the harsh stomach side-effects typically associated with phenylbutazone
How is Cavalor Freebute Pro, 6x60 cc box sold?
Pack of 6 - 60cc Paste Syringes Box
Main Ingredients
crude protein, crude fat, crude ash, crude fiber, manganese, vitamine E, B1, B2, Zince